Favorite son birthday/reader rant post

Before we get to our rant, we want to wish
our favorite son a Happy 23rd Birthday! And
before someone comments about having a
favorite child, he is also our only son.
Remember this one Kenny?

Time for another reader rant, and we’ve got
one to get things started. Did you know that
Social Security is now called a Federal
Benefit Payment?

We have a problem with that because most
pay into the program all our working lives.
So what happened that it now has been called
an entitlement?

Our government, in all their pseudo wisdom,
spent the money elsewhere. If they had left
it alone, in an interest bearing account,
we could get three times the payment for
over 33 years and not use all that we paid
in. Thanks government.

So don’t say that older Americans are now
getting entitlements. Remember that since
the government broke the program they just
renamed it and are trying to shift blame.

Now, about your rant. Are you still hot
because Santa got a bad rap in a newspaper
article? Here is your chance.

Think the detours and unfinished roadwork
around town are aggravating? Let the city

Worried about the UN Arms Treaty and think
it is a blatant move to get our guns? Take
a shot at it.

Losing sleep over our economy, taxes, or
our loss of rights? A comment here just
might help you sleep.

There are a few examples, the content of
your rant is up to you. All we ask is that
you don’t use profanity.
Comments are always welcome.

18 Responses to Favorite son birthday/reader rant post

  1. Nitrous55 says:

    What you pay in does not get set aside for you later. It went to paying for those that are collecting at the time. At the start, it was a lot paying in and very few getting paid. Now, things are flipping the other way. They should have raised the tax decades ago, but the politicians don’t want to offend too many voters (which is why we keep hearing taxing a small minority). Along with not giving so many increases and raising the retirement age as the average increased.

    My rant is that Shabonee, Cruiser, Futs, and a few Anons need to run for city council. I want to see if it is S.S.D.C.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    If the funds would have been left for the intended purpose, in an interest bearing account, there would still be plenty of money to
    to around. And the only running I’m going to do is out of town, if
    I can ever talk the wife into it.

  3. anonymous says:

    Goob and the Goobettes pulled a fast one last night. Right as the council meeting ended, Meeker made a motion to sell 53rd and Eastern for a million dollars. This is where we need alderman Meyer to be watching our tax dollars for us. He would be asking what we paid, how much interest was paid, what the improvements and upkeep cost us over the years, and this thing was passed without one Boobette (or gooberite) blinking an eye. They were paid to look out for the taxpayers, and they set there and nod like bobbleheads.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    I managed to sit through the video this morning. I thought it was something like $1.8 million, but could be wrong. We did find it odd that there was discussion on the matter.

  5. bill edmond says:


    The amount was $1.056 million. The city turned down $250K just a couple of years ago from a local developer. As for improvements, there haven’t been any. The only upkeep has been mowing the grass (weeds) a couple times a summer. As to the original cost of the land; the city has owned that whole section (Prairie Heights) for decades. It doesn’t really matter what that land went for decades ago, what matters is what it’s worth now. This land will now begin producing property tax revenue whereas it has been producing nothing in the past.

  6. AnonymouS says:

    Is the sale of 53rd and Eastern anything to do with needed bonding capacity for the Riverboat Deal, and if Davenport wasn’t entering into such an agreement that there would be no rush to sell the land at such a low price? As soon as Republicans return to office in 4 years, that land could be worth 3 or 5 million.

  7. bill edmond says:


    It has nothing to do with the casino deal. It has everything to do with getting a good price on a plot of land and putting it on the tax rolls. Low price? It’s four times the amount offered a few years ago.

  8. anonymous says:

    There are some people that it does matter how much Davenport paid for it, and how much it sold for because we like to keep track of the losses we take on every public/private partership.

    As far as expenses goes, were no streets needed on the Eastern Avenue side that touched this parcel needed? If that was privately owned the land owner would have been assessed. How about underground utilities? Did sewer or anything else need to be run to the lots to the north, northeast and northwest? Who paid for that? Then if Davenport was only mowing twice a year, thats a crime in itself to the neighbors that had to look at it and drive past it everyday, plus what was the cost per mowing for those two times a year? If the city contractors charge $200 for a small yard that they only are mowing a few inches, the price to mow 53rd and Eastern when it’s 4 feet tall must be astronomical, and paid for by the taxpayers.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. AnonymouS says:

    Has the City hired a certified appraiser to tell them the value of the 53rd and Eastern land, and I mean a certified appraiser, not some half baked realtor from Mel Foster, or somebody like x-alderman McGivern. Somebody that really knows. If the appraisal comes back at half a million, then yes, taxpayers got a good deal. If a real appraisal comes back at 3 million, then the taxpayers are taking a bath. But that’s business as usual in Davenport.

  10. cruisin2 says:

    bill edmond,
    I stand corrected.

  11. Shabonee says:

    The lot on which (St. Louis Bread Company) Panara Bread is located was purchased for, in the area of a million dollars way back then. It would be nice if the City would put up a financial sheet on this 53rd and Eastern area. A llitle Council discussion would help but its not going to happen. I would dig out the old files on this but right now I’m short of time.

    And Cruiser, About missing that November 20 Santa posting. I got subpoeaned for a court trial on that day. The event where my dog Just brought a 9 ml Lugar to me in the mornining after a night time event in the area. A gun used in a shots fired on 12th Street and stolen from Betterndorf. Just had chewed up the bullet clip( the only plastic part before she brought dropped it at my feet Just was rewarded a week later for folllowing a visiting pitbull home. Second offense of following a dog home) And cost me $105,00. And they came up to my house and picked up my 16 year old Shabonee, sitting by the front dog( three days out of foot surgery And wanted $185,00 to give her back.
    Anyway after spending time running aroujnd the Court house on the 20th of November I found out the trial at which I was to testify had been canceled because the person hand pleaded guilty. Never ask a County Attorney how long before the trial date they knew about the cancelation and why having known for so long they didn’t bother to tell you.

  12. cruisin2 says:

    If it weren’t for bad luck you’d have no luck at all. We’ve wasted a few trips to the courthouse without getting notified also. Sorry to hear about your problems.

  13. bill edmond says:


    Let me get this straight. Animal control picked up your dog and wanted $185K to give it back. You followed a dog home and you were fined $105K. Keith, seek help.

  14. bill edmond says:


    My apologies, I think you used a comma instead of a period. $185.00 instead of $185,000. Looked a little crazy.

  15. Anon. says:

    Please remember that it was Aldermen Lynn, Meyer, and Hamerlinck who convinced the council to turn down the offer of 1.7 million dollars in 2007. Take the offer and get the city out of the land speculation business.

  16. Nitrous55 says:

    I think the red hat gang needs to reform and sit at Meyers place.

    Funny how all these people complain about the council, yet don’t do anything. Next November is the next election. Cruiser, you get to tell other people what to do.

  17. cruisin2 says:

    bill edmond,
    It still cost him $290 for dogs he takes good care of.

    I’ve always felt that if an offer sounds reasonable, take it. Others
    won’t take a dime less than they feel something is worth. Having
    the money in my pocket means more to me.

    The local chapter is all but gone. I don’t see how you think I
    will get to tell others what to do, but you are welcome to
    your opinion.

  18. Nuckin_Futs says:

    Better to take directions from the red hat gang that the tin foil hat group.


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