Media discrimination?

In a September, 2012 Gallup poll,
Americans’ didn’t have much faith in
mass media. Numbers haven’t looked
this grim since the 70s.

A full 60% of those polled said they had
no, or not very much, confidence in mass
media when it came to reporting the news
fully, accurately, and fairly.

Mass media was described as newspapers,
TV, and radio. What some of us refer to
as the ‘drive-by media’.

Having talked to “reporters” of these
various venues, we found that many do
not like bloggers.

Some said it is because we were not
vetted, we were not schooled in how to
properly report the news, are biased,
and that they didn’t consider us a news

Yet some of these mass media outlets
have blogs and/or advertise blogs on
their online sites.

We feel this discrimination is a case
of the pot calling the kettle black.
If people aren’t happy with what they
are getting from these sources, why
shouldn’t they look elsewhere.

And if people look elsewhere, the
mass media loses money.

Mass media does make it easier because
if you hear, read, or watch it on one
source you need look no further. All
the others will have the same script
and will just feature a repeat.

This blogger doesn’t mind and feels
there is room for all of us. If the
mass media wants to share the news
with us bloggers, we have no problem
with it.

Regardless of where you get your news
you should check the facts. Only then
can you make an informed decision on
what really is newsworthy.
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