Thank you

Here are some pictures of this years
Veteran’s Day Parade. If you wish to
see more, go here.

It was warm, very windy, and in
chatting with other vets and their
spouses, under attended. Everyone
wondered why people couldn’t take
an hour, one day a year, to honor
those who served.

Some said it should have been held
on Saturday, or Monday. Others said
it should be held on the actual day.

At any rate it makes one wonder if
the public has forgotten the vets.
It turned into an almost somber event
with a total of about 20 people on
both sides of the block we were at.

That number used to be dozens in the
same area. We can only hope that those
who didn’t make the parade, at least
remember those who served.

A hearty hand salute to those who
braved the weather to attend. It is
worth our effort.
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One Response to Thank you

  1. bill edmond says:

    I was disappointed with the turn-out too.

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