We will forewarn all Obama supporters,
Hollywood stars, media pundits, and
liberals that this post does contain
the truth. If you are one of the above,
or have any serious health issues, you
shouldn’t read this post.

It should be no secret that we don’t
like Obama and feel he is taking our
country in the wrong direction. We
will once again state why we feel
this way.

Obama says he saved the auto industry,
but he closed 2,200 dealerships and that
took away over 100,000 jobs . He also
caused the demise of Pontiac in the
process of “saving” G.M.

Obama says his stimulus worked and 5
million people found work. He doesn’t
mention we have a record 47 million
people on welfare, or a record number
of people receiving disability.

We in the middle class are making less,
and will soon be taxed even more if the
lawmakers don’t act.

Obama’s promise to reach across the
table and unite the parties is now
fodder for late night comedians, and we
all know how his promise to lower the
deficit went.

We now have Hurricane Sandy battering
the east coast, and Obama is using it
for a campaign aide.

But when our Embassy was under terrorist
attack and requested aid, he did nothing.
Obama blamed it on a video and denied
knowledge of an attack. And Americans

Even the Des Moines Register has
endorsed Romney. The last time the
Register endorsed a Republican was
Nixon in 1972!

He may be a legend in his own mind,
but we don’t want to give him another
four years of spending our money.

We do get to chuckling though when we
think about the mess he’ll inherit if
he gets another term.
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10 Responses to Obamarant

  1. Nitrous55 says:

    On the way to work, I saw an Obama sticker on a Mazda. I guess when corporations do it, it is bad, but Obama supporters can buy from other countries if they like. One set of rules for one group, none for your group.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    We haven’t noticed too many Obama stickers this election, it is funny it was on a Mazda though.

  3. AnonymouS says:

    The real American car company is Ford. They didn’t take any taxpayer money because they are smart operators, and they sell a very good product.

  4. Nitrous55 says:

    I’ve seen it a lot on foreign cars and big gas guzzling cars. Hypocritcs abound.

    You guys do have to admire their ways of demonizing their foes. No need to have facts. Just make up crap. I’m still waiting for that proof to arrest Malin and Genesis, but I have a feeling the ’55 will get done before that.

  5. I heard the father of the brave soldier who was murdered in Libya tell how his son saved over 30 people before falling. The father also spoke about how insincere Barry was when they met. Barry is not my president.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    We’re happy with our Ford.

    People buy what they want and “Buy American” doesn’t mean much anymore.

    Conservative Hill Billy,
    The more we hear about that, the madder we get. That makes fast and furious look like a cake theft.

  7. think about the mess he’ll inherit if
    he gets another term. I have seen this on a George Bush poster. That’s funny put that way.

  8. cruisin2 says:

    Carl D’Agostino,
    We don’t remember where we heard the phrase, only that we thought it funny.


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