Casino circus answers

We sent an email to Craig Malin hoping to get more
information on the Casino buy-out. We know there
are 8 meetings in the next 6 days, but just getting
over being ill we’re not chancing a meeting yet.

He replied with some PDF files and a Powerpoint
presentation. There is a lot of information to
take in so we’ll share a few here.

He sent a news release, a Buyout Fact Sheet,
a Final Buyout Q and A, a Casino Buyout Greensheet
(which is supposed to be what the Council will
vote on), and more.

There was also a Powerpoint from last nights
meeting and a revenue chart from Dubuque. We
Will try to share those later.

If you want to informed before you attend a
meeting, or can’t attend a meeting and want
answers, the links above should have the
Comments are always welcome

Buyout Fact Sheet
Final Buyout Q and A


6 Responses to Casino circus answers

  1. thescoundrel says:

    Its a win-win for the city fathers; maybe/maybe not for the taxpayer. The real positive for the city is that if things don’t work out when they get in the casino business – is that it gives them a reason to raise taxes to coverup bad management.

  2. Nitrous55 says:

    If they let the current management do their thing and not micromanage, I doubt it will suffer. It may not be making as much as other casionos, but it is currently making money. If they make drastic changes, then who knows.

    The taxpayers could fix this in November 2013, but they won’t. The Davenport taxpayer rewards bad management.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    We do see a few problems, but problems can be solved. If the tax rate was nailed down, it would be easier to swallow.

    Next year there will be at least 3 open seats on the Council, and that may allow some changes.

  4. Average Joe says:

    When I try to click on the above links to the buyout fact sheet and the Final Buyout Q & A it shows page not found. Could you check that out? Thanks!

  5. cruisin2 says:

    Average Joe,
    We’ll check it out.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    Average Joe,
    I just added the two to the bottom of the post, and the links worked.

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