It’s your rant

We sat down long enough today to catch
our breath, and realized we had no idea
what to rant about.

We thought ranting about a recent
rumor we heard concerning what
Obama wanted to do with our military
if he won the election would fill
the bill. But that is just a rumor.

We thought ranting about the unemployment,
slow recovery, and pending taxes would
suffice, but we believed those were getting

Instead, we decided to let you rant about
what you feel is relevant.

If you have something stuck in your craw,
now is the time to alleviate the pain.

If you’re so broke you can’t pay attention,
let if out for free here.

If you’re too pooped to pop from working
more to make ends meet, a rant could be
like a power nap for your brain.

If she got the gold mine and you got the
shaft a rant could lay claim to your new,
albeit, poorer lifestyle.

Local, national, political, or personal, if
you have a rant, let it rip.

All we ask is that you follow the rules.
Don’t cuss, don’t belittle those who don’t
agree with you, and if you are stating an
opinion, say so.

So enjoy your rant. It shouldn’t take long,
it doesn’t cost anything, and it may just
make you feel better. If it doesn’t, read
two other blogs and call your doctor in
the morning.
Comments are always welcome.


10 Responses to It’s your rant

  1. Nitrous55 says:

    I have been wondering if we are going to lose our freedoms by the central planners. Yesterday, was a bright spot.

    As for Romney’s tax returns, I feel it is just to stoke up some class envy. How about making everyone’s returns available to see? I do not see what it will accomplish, but the ones focused on class can more easily decide who is good and who is evil.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Seems to us this campaign season is all about keeping the focus off the issues that matter.

  3. Average Joe says:

    Why is it that we are supposed to be more concerned with what Romney does with HIS money, than what Obama does with OUR money? If I was Romney, I would stress that point. I would say that millions of MY tax dollars bailed out Solendra, and hundreds of jobs were lost. No taxpayer dollars were used to bail out the companies that Bain Capital bought, and thousands of jobs were created!.

  4. QC Ghost says:

    If I can’t belittle those who don’t agree with me, I’ll pass on a rant.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    Average Joe,
    We can’t see why he doesn’t use those things either.

    We may remove that part of the rules.

  6. QC Ghost says:

    Cool, thanks. Lemme know when ; I’ve got a doosy.

  7. Nitrous55 says:

    Since when did name calling become taboo? Is this why Cruiser was banned? Times needs to look at their own comments. You name call first, ask questions later on that site.

  8. cruisin2 says:

    No time like the present, go for it.

    I just got tired of being told I was banned,
    that I wouldn’t get an email when I was,
    and I wouldn’t be informed when it was
    lifted. I wouldn’t change content and it
    was their site.

  9. QC Ghost says:

    But first, nobody can belittle me, right? I’m all for Obama’s double standards. It’s no fair without double standards.

  10. cruisin2 says:

    we never have condoned belittling other commenters. Don’t know if that’s far or not, but it works for us.

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