Not neccessarily news

This may not be news to you, but it was
to us. Did you know that the White House
has 468 employees?

The Blaze claims that there are
454 staff and they cost taxpayers $37,121,463.

In either case this is more employees than
the dreaded George Bush who had 447. These
extra employees cost us $4 million per year
more than did Bush’s staff.

There are 21 employees on the White House
staff who make $172,200, which is the maximum
allowed by law. Around 1 in 3 make $100,000.

We won’t get into the dispute over whether
the majority of the staff got raises after
Obama claimed a pay freeze. Both sides of
the issue have reasons to use numbers that
work better for them.

We will say it is pretty bad for sitting
Democrat president when James Carville
advises the president to “do something”.

According to a recent RealClearPolitics poll,
61.7% of Americans believe our country is
headed is the wrong direction. Only 29.7%
think it is headed in the right direction.

While Congress has an approval rate of 17.8%.
These figures may, or may not, be the latest
available. We use them because we have them.

We should all keep this in mind when we go
to the polls in November. If you think things
are going great, then vote accordingly. If,
on the other hand, you think everything went
to hell in a handbasket, vote them all out.
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3 Responses to Not neccessarily news

  1. DavenportWestender says:

    One of my favorite political saying is that you can not fix stupid, but you can vote them out! I will be voting appropriately.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    It is the only way we can really change things.

  3. AnonymouS says:

    If someone could explain the comments in the QCTimes online story about the beer consumption in Illinois dropping. The discussion is about the beer tax being .23 in illinois and .19 in Iowa.
    I assume that means 23% and 19%? Is that figured into the shelf price and then on top of it we pay Iowa and Illinois sales tax?

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