Reader rant II

June 26, 2012

We have been offline since yesterday
afternoon and have just now resolved
the problem. It seems our wireless
router goes out more than we do.

Since we didn’t finish our regular
post before the hitch in our giddy-
up, this will be another reader rant.

Now is the time to rant, praise,
offer suggestions, or give your
opinion. Last time we checked, we
still have freedom of speech.

The rules remain the same: no profanity,
no name-calling, and try not to belittle
those who disagree with you. Unless it
is National Pick On Them day and we
aren’t aware of it.

Tomorrow we will have a post about
the dumbing down of America. Until then,
the floor is yours.
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June 24, 2012

We will do one more post on the comment
about if plans for a marijuana harvester
are somewhere within the confines of a
certain local agricultural company.

Most should know that marijuana comes from
the hemp plant. Hemp is also known for its
fibers which are used to make to make
everything from twine to sails.

Since John Deere Co. began in 1837 it is
entirely possible that they do have plans
for a harvester since marijuana was still
legal 100 years later.

We did find a reference to a “hemp harvester”
which is explained in the link under
the Harvesting header.
It also has small pictures of harvesting
with machines during an earlier era.

Another website has pictures of hemp
harvest in 2006. This one mentions a
Massey Ferguson 35 pull type combine.

About halfway down the webpage, the John
Deere 6600 combine is pictured during the
hemp harvesting.

So we would say, if the farmers can rig
something up to make hemp/marijuana harvest
easier, a team of engineers could also. And
someone would have to draw up plans for it.

So technically, if they are using a John
Deere combine to harvest hemp, the company
has plans for that.
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A different side

June 23, 2012

A humorous look at recent politics.
Comments are always welcome.

Ironic history

June 22, 2012

A comment from Shabonee about the possibility
of John Deere having plans for a marijuana
harvester got us doing a little research. We
never found proof that Deere had plans for
such a machine nor did we find a denial.

We did learn about the demonization of
marijuana in the 20s and 30s, and the
subsequent Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

General Counsel Herman Oliphant of the
Treasury Department believed that the drug
was the downfall of the youth and the main
reason for violent crime in districts
occupied by ‘Mexicans, Spaniards, Latin
Americans, Greeks or Negroes’.

He began drafting a bill to authorize the
prohibitive taxation of marijuana without
informing Congress or the public.

Oliphant enlisted the aid of Dr. Jules
Bouquet who was supposedly the world’s
foremost expert on cannabis drugs at the

Dr. Boquet decided to base his findings on
his study of cannabis smoking Moslems in

“The basis of the Moslem character is
indolence; these people love idleness and
day-dreaming, and to the majority of them
work is the most unpleasant of all
necessities. Inordinately vain-glorious,
thirsting for every pleasure, they are
manifestly unable to realize more than a
small fraction of their desires: their
unrestrained imagination supplies the rest.

Hemp, which enhances the imagination, is
the narcotic best adapted to their mentality.
The hashish addict can dream of the life he
longs for; under the influence of the drug
he becomes wealthy, the owner of well-filled
harem, of delightful cool gardens, of a
board richly supplied with exquisite and
copious viands; his every longing is satisfied,
happiness is his. When the period of
intoxication is over and he is again faced
with the drab realities of his normal
shabby life, his one desire is to find a
corner where he may sleep until a new orgy
of hemp brings him back to the realm of

This led to his belief that the use of pot
caused abandonment of work, a propensity to
theft, and the disappearance of reproductive

My how the times have changed. We now have
a Moslem loving president who admits to
smoking pot often in his youth.
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Things to do

June 21, 2012

Since we’re coming to the part of the
week where the days still end in ‘day’,
but some people get off work, here are
some ride related events.

This weekend is the 39th Annual Back to
the 50s hosted by the Minnesota Street
Rod Association. It runs June 22-24 and
is held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds
in St. Paul, Minnesota. For more info go

June 22-24 is the Barrett-Jackson Orange
County, California auction.

Friday and Saturday, June 22, 23, is the
5th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion held at
the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort, 3184
Highway 22, Riverside, Iowa. This event
is for Novas only.

Saturday, June 23 is the Classic Rod and
Custom Car Show and Flea Market at the
Ohnward Fine Arts Center, 2701 E. Platt St.,
Maquoketa, Iowa from 12 to 6 pm. This event
is free. For more information call

Also Saturday, June 23, is the Fast 6 Car
Show and Drag Race at Cordova Dragway Park.
Gates open at 2 pm and racing starts at 3.

Sunday, June 24 is the Freedom Celebration
Car Show held at the Hennepin Canal Parkway
in Colona, Illinois. Show runs 8 am to 4 pm.
Club website is here.

Also Sunday is the Railroad Days Showcase
of Cars in Standish Park, Galesburg, Illinois.
The show runs 7:30 am to 3 pm. For more info
call Neil Detmers at 309-341-0563.

And Sunday the Lake Davenport Sailing Club
will again be holding races at 1 and 3 pm.
For more info go here.

There are enough events this weekend to
keep a cruiser cruisin’ or a poser posin’.

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Gone too far rant

June 21, 2012

A recent comment got us thinking that we
haven’t done an honest-to-God rant in a while.
The reason for this is simple, we haven’t
had much of anything to get worked up

Until now. We read an article about the University
of Minnesota-Duluth and an ad campaign
they are sponsoring, and all bets are off.

The college seems to believe that because
I was born “white”, I’m privileged. It
also seems that they believe our society
was setup for us(whites) and is unfair to
our minorities.

Get a life. I’m privileged? Where were
you when I was working 16 hours a day,
six days a week, to get what I have?

Where were you when I tried for eight
straight years to get a government job,
being told I scored the highest on the
Civil Service exam and was the most
qualified but couldn’t be hired because
I wasn’t a minority.

I will not now, nor will I ever apologize
to anyone for my skin color. Minorities
may feel we are privileged, and that is
fine. The problem we have is that they
don’t want to work for our level of

Instead, because they feel slighted, they
feel the monies should come from us. If
you want what we have do what we did and
work for it!

It’s hard to see racism when you’re white?
We see it every day. Directed at us. The
problem with our country isn’t racism. It
is the fact that a growing number of our
citizens have come to believe we owe them
living because they were born here.

Your Un-Fair campaign is the biggest pile
of cow patties we’ve seen in quite a while.
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‘Who got the shaft?’ rant

June 20, 2012

On Jim Fisher’s show Tuesday, someone
called in and said his neighbors car got
stolen while he was on vacation.

When he called the Police he was told
that the car had been impounded for
not being moved from its parking spot.
And when he asked, he was informed it
would cost $375 to get his car back.

This is exactly why we are against any
laws being passed about where we park,
why we park where we do, or how long we
stay parked.

For those of who live in the affected
SOLO area, it’s time for the Bix at 6.
Because of this non-event, the detour is
going to get a detour on Thursdays.

We expect hot days, hot tempers, and hot
drivers trying to figure out how to get
home. We also believe runners will be
out messing up traffic as early as 3 pm.

And now, once again, it is your turn to
rant. If she got the gold mine and you
got the shaft, comment.

If you feel the Police Department should
be renamed the City Uniformed Revenue
Department, have your say.

If you feel you’ve been screwed, go
ahead and comment.

Want to get something off your chest?
Here’s your chance.

It won’t take long, it doesn’t cost
anything, and you may just feel better
after you do.
Comments are always welcome.