Bonus weekend rant

We are mystified that some people are almost
rejoicing over the Supreme Court decision
that Obamacare is a tax. We are going to see
the biggest tax increase in our nation’s
history over this and Congress letting the
Bush tax cuts expire.

We do find it humorous that those who are
pleased at the legality of the bill think
there is something in it for them, are
exempt from it, or opted out of it.

And the walkout of Democrats over the
contempt charges against the Attorney
General just goes to show how far our
political system has fallen. Capitalism
isn’t broken, our political system is.

We suggest that Pelosi, if she can get
the name right, explain to the families
of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, and others
that hearings on Fast and Furious were all

Then the Supreme Court ruled on the
Stolen Valor Act and basically turned
lying about military service into an
art form and not a crime. We wonder
what they would say if someone lied
about being a judge.

It seems Obama is worried he will be
outspent in this election by his rival.
The honeymoon is over and it is about
time he realizes the country doesn’t
want someone endorsed by the Communist
Party USA.

We will say it again, we need to stop
the nonsense. If they’re not part of a
real solution, they are part of the
problem so vote them out.

The only recourse we have when we are
dissatisfied with our government is
to vote the offenders out.
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15 Responses to Bonus weekend rant

  1. bill edmond says:

    A sad day all around for Americans. After I’m elected to the Iowa House of Representatives this fall, I will work with Terry Branstad to avoid a massive expansion of the Medicaid rolls at the expense of Iowa tax payers. Eric Holder needs to cough up the missing papers or go to jail. People who lie about military service are cowards. When I came home from Vietnam, I was jeered and called a baby killer. Now SCOTUS tells me it’s a first amendment right to lie about military service.

  2. AnonymouS says:

    Fox was saying yesterday that under the Obamacare that anyone who failed to pay health insurance would be taxed either a flat fee or a percentage of income, and be collected by the IRS. How exactly will that work? Will everyone need to attach a canceled check to their Federal Income Tax as proof of insurance? Somehow it will need to be monitored. Also, I don’t understand how that will work when a family “claims” they can’t afford insurance, and somehow they are supposed to receive a credit. A credit from what? This seems almost like another section8 program, Food Stamps, and welfare program paid by other taxpayers.

  3. AnonymouS says:

    The online version of the QCTimes this morning has a picture with the story about the new I-74 bridge. I hope that is what is really going to be built. It really looks great, and check out all the lanes, plus a place to pull over in case of a flat. It would be disappointing if the built something not as good as the one in the photo.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    bill edmond,
    thanks for serving your country. This is a sucker punch to all veterans.

    It will be a tax of trillions of dollars over a decade at a time when our economy is flat. A huge tax increase is the last thing we need. We still don’t have an opinion on the 74 bridge because Illinois is in the equation and they don’t have a very good record of paying their bills.

  5. Shabonee says:

    Anybody else notice how for years Edmond voted for every fee and tax increase for the citizens of Davenport. Often he blamed the state of Iowa especially police and fire pensions instead of Daveport’s own reckless spending. Notice how Murphy ripped us off again. And all that overtime at the Police Department. Most of the fireman don’t even live in Davenport and pay taxes here. Half the cops.Ever since Edmond decided to run for the state house he has been trying to convince everybody that he cares about how taxpayer money is spent.

  6. anonymous says:




    Power outtage on a hot humid night.

  7. cruisin2 says:

    We know he stepped up to help Bobe. We’ll vote for him.

    It didn’t start raining until I went out to start the car so the wife could go to work. If the power goes out I’ll just sleep on the porch.

  8. anonymous says:

    If the Supreme Court was televised, I wonder if the outcome of Obamatax would be the same. I think that all govenment should be televised no matter what it is. Keeps em’ honest.

  9. Shabonee says:

    Trys to keep them honest,anyway.

  10. anonymous says:

    You are right Shabonee. Prime example was Charlie Brooks. He didn’t care what he did or said even when the camera was rolling.

  11. bill edmond says:


    I thought for a couple of days whether or not I should respond to you. I decided I would.

    Yes, I have voted for fee and tax increases. Let’s look at why.

    I voted for the sewer increase because, for 18 years, previous city councils didn’t have the political will to do so. The sewer fund had been spent down from $9 million dollars to zero. However, at mine and Mike Matson’s insistence, Davenport taxpayers were relieved of the responsibility of paying for collapsed laterals. That was the price of our yes vote. Hundreds of Davenporters actually got a net DECREASE in their monthly bills because they could drop their $9 monthly bill for insurance.

    I voted for a property tax increase because the alternative was laying off 30-40 public safety employees on top of the 40 employees we had already layed off. This would have resulted in two fire companies being shut down, loss of our national accredidation and an increase in your homeowner’s insurance premiums. And yes, I blame the state of Iowa for that. That’s why I’m running for the House of Representatives. Someone has to look out for Davenport in Des Moines.

    As for Davenport’s reckless spending, I suggest you look at votes over the past four years for so-called amenities in Davenport. I think you’ll find I’ve lost more 9-1 and 8-2 votes than anyone else on the council.

    BTW, when the votes have been 8-2, you’ll find that Mike Matson was usually the “no” vote alongside me. What’s remarkable, Matson is a Democrat and I’m a Republican. Think Matson and I can’t work together in a bi-partisan manner? Chew on that Shabonee.

  12. bill edmond says:

    Hey Cruiser, Did the print get smaller or do I need new reading glasses?

  13. bill edmond says:

    Laid off. Jeez, I didn’t get my money’s worth in college. LMAO

  14. cruisin2 says:

    bill edmond,
    We haven’t changed anything, but we’ll check. It does seem like the font has gotten smaller.

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