Weekend wanderings

The weekend is almost here, a holiday
is right around the corner, and it looks
to be a hot one.

Brings back memories of when the Merc-
Duece Reunion was at the fairgrounds and
we stood in shade to watch the cars go
by, and either Mel or myself claiming
“he’s got air-conditioning in that one”.

Friday, June 29, is the Friday’s Cruise
on down to Advance at 902 W. Kimberly
Road, in Davenport, Iowa from 5-8 pm.

Friday, June 29 through Sunday, July 1,
is the Goodguys Heartland Nationals at
the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines,
Iowa. For more info go here.

Sunday, July 1, is the Victor Fun Days
6th Annual Car Show,in Victor, Iowa. If
you want more information call 319-647-3688.

Sunday, July 1, will also include sailboat
races at the Lake Davenport Sailing Club at
1 and 3 pm. Since the clubhouse is located
right on the river, there could be a cool
breeze coming in off the water.

Next week the 4th of July is sure to have
a lot of noise. Twice as much fireworks for
the Red, White, and Boom, extra police on
duty, and more heat.

There are a few, but by no means all, of
the events going on around us. If you have
the weekend off, and can afford to do so,
it may be good weekend to stay inside.
Comments are always welcome.


6 Responses to Weekend wanderings

  1. Shabonee says:

    Ever notice that the City of Davenport nevers says thank you to its good citizens. No matter how much you help the police. Never a thank you. Help save the city big bucks. Don’t expect a thank you.
    attend Council meetings and keep yourself informed.Definitely never a thank you. Clean up you neighborhood and parts of the city that you visit. No thank there. Suggest improvements in City government. No thank you. But, cause problems in your neighborhood get a Gluba thank you. Pay your taxes on time. Never a thank you. Keep your storm drains clean. A thank you? Pay your taxes late like the Blackhawk get a huge thank you. Rip the City off for a couple hundred grand at Annie Witt, Get a thank you City check. Jim Russell when President of Davenport One perfected the ability to get a City of Davenport thank you. Or as my grandfather, who ran a barber shop, pool hall, tavern combination, used to say: Just because a guy is a really good pool player doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his third hand in your pocket.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    We have wondered the same thing at times. It is almost like the city
    doesn’t want to admit it isn’t doing a great job. They hardly advertise the clean-up days volunteer groups do every year anymore. Not getting it all done must give them more time to think up new taxes.

  3. AnonymouS says:

    Did you know that the AMPS cleanup group disbanded about a year ago? They had about 75 members, all retired people, and the guy who organized it, Fritz Fuhs, just was getting to old to manage things and he could not find anyone to head it up. So they all hung up their yellow shirts, hats, and pickup sticks and the group completely disbanded.

    I don’t think the City even gave Fritz a warm handshake after all those years of service.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    That’s a crying shame.

  5. gopher goo p says:

    gopher goo p…

    […]Weekend wanderings « Just Cruisin 2[…]…

  6. Shabonee says:

    My grandfather actually ran a gas station, barber shop, pool hall , tavern combination, but he was only able to do that because my mom and the other seven kids helped him.

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