Just thinking

We have been giving some serious thought
to the suggestion we set aside a day to
help others.

Since Shabonee suggested it we have been
letting the idea run on the treadmill in
the hamster cage of our mind.

How about a “Intellectuals and Rednecks
Appreciation Day”? It could be a day in
which we put aside the politics, and just
try to make it the best day we can.

If we come across someone needing help
we could give them hand, see litter in
our city pick it up, or just generally
dedicate the day to enjoying ourselves.

Should we have a meeting and if so on
what day of the week, and where? We
are leaning toward late July or sometime
in August as possibilities.

Our thoughts were to have an informal get
together and see what happens from there.
We think a Saturday might work best,
sometime in the afternoon and possibly in a
park. Nothing has been decided and it is
still just an idea.

There is a rough sketch of what we
think, now we’d like to hear your ideas
on our ideas.
Comments are always welcome.


6 Responses to Just thinking

  1. Shabonee says:

    Before we get to appreciation can I speak to Kirkwood Blvd. I usually travel this street several times a week but the last couple weeks I have been busy at home. I just returned up and down Kirkwood from making a delivery in Bettendorf and low and behold the whole street from Jersey Ridge to Brady has received a new covering.
    Thing is. Most of the streets in Davenport are in worse shape then Kirkwood was before this face job. All for a road race, one day a year. Just more of the emphasis in Davenport on image rather than subtsance.

  2. Nitrous55 says:

    You must not travel on that street very much. They always spruce up the street before the race. After the race, ignored until next year. Along with the rest of SOLO.

    And the only thing you can do about it is move to another city. It won’t change.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    We sometimes wonder why they don’t do the sidestreets for a block or so to make it look pretty.

    It does seem to be a yearly occurance. We get a kick out of the city’s stance that it only inconviences SOLO residences one day a year. Of course the city doesn’t include the week or so it takes to repave it or the Bix at 6 runs. We just put up with it and work around it.

  4. AnonymouS says:

    How did that finish up on kirkwood? Was that white rock the final product, or was that some sort of underlayment before a real finish was applied?

  5. cruisin2 says:

    As far as we know they blacktopped over the rock.

  6. AnonymouS says:

    That’s good news. That rock looked terrible.

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