Political thoughts

Some things make a lot of sense
while others leave us shaking
our heads. For the life of us we
can see no rhyme or reason for
the thought process.

Such is the case of mondays entry
in the Justice Blog, run by the
United States Department of Justice.

The post contains information about
the DOJs first annual Environmental
Justice Progress Report

Is our air quality really bad
enough to warrant more government

Then we keep hearing from the
drive-by media that Obama is almost
unstoppable in his bid for another
term. But 11 days ago, the Des
Moines Register
published a poll
that had a different outcome.

And in the ‘more bad news for the
president’ category comes word
that the debt ceiling may be
reached around election time
instead of next year.

The prediction now falls between
November 2012 and early January 2013.
Analysts from the Bipartisan Policy
Center claim this is due to lower
tax revenues.

Other factors include the European
economic woes, volatile gas prices,
and the rate of economic growth.

But, after the dust settles on the upcoming
election, we hope to see a change on
the nameplate on the Oval office door.
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5 Responses to Political thoughts

  1. katys says:

    The environment had always been a serious issue but it had been neglected by the developed countries from a long time. The irony I see here is do they find pollution a problem only for the low income class? I suppose it has some serious implications as well which are being ignored.

  2. thescoundrel says:

    I think pollution has always been around – just hard to avoid creating if you choose to live life. Its greatest collection is in big metro areas like Chicago, NY, LA etc… It is also present in highly industrialized areas. I know I could always tell the difference between my time in small town burbs like Erie versus living in the QC or visiting big cities. I can remember when in my younger days you could smell the stench from Clinton Corn for thirty miles or more. But even small towns have their share of pollution. The red husks and chaff of corn and other grains tend to blow all around small towns during grain harvesting time where there are businesses that deal in grain. Large hog farms also tend to be be noticeable for miles. If you are driving I88 near the Tyson meat processing plant in Joslin – your olfactory senses will often get quite a shock. They pump out animal waste products, including blood and fat waste, into a reservoir where the stench can be smelled for miles. But it is all the cost of survival. There is no way the consumers these businesses serve, are capable of filling the holes they fill in the cycle of life.

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  4. cruisin2 says:

    There are many sides to all issues and usually the news reports their side of the issue. We don’t know if pollution is worse for the poor or not, but since the poor don’t have the resources that the middle class does it sounds plausable.

    On the two lane blacktops that curve through the rural area of Iowa
    we noticed the difference in air. Unless one came upon a big hog farm, the air did smell better.

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