Cruises and budgets

We usually have an upcoming events
post on Friday, but about the only
thing we know going on this weekend
is in California. We do however have
one update.

If you don’t have the dates for the
NorthPark cruise-ins, here thy are:

June 16
July 28
Aug 25
Sept 22

The River Valley Classics hosts these
events, there is usually a $2 suggested
admission, and more good times than a
person should legally be allowed to have.


On the Jim Fisher Show today, he talked
a bit about the city budget. We also
noticed that wages and retirements were
a large portion of the budget.

Passing the buck isn’t going to get it
this time. Yes, the state cut back on
their contribution to the retirement
fund, but the city is responsible for
its’ employees.

And back when there was talk about a
raise for the Mayor, the City Council,
and the Administrator, they knew this
was coming.

Commercial property taxes really took
off, along with their sewer rates, and
the business licenses. With some of
hikes we’ve seen suggested, it would
have to mean an increase in the cost
of the final product for these businesses
to continue.

The increase could also raise rents
for those who choose not to own their
homes. We believe a better answer is
out there, it just wasn’t looked for.
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to Cruises and budgets

  1. thescoundrel says:

    Th obscene part about politicians at all levels is that they can usually find a reason to justify tax increases. Then they are pretty much like the Mob, because once it is in their budget they plan on using it for whatever they choose – not necessarily what they justified the increase for. (As in the Illinois Lottery system developed for supposedly funding the States Educational System.) And once their they spend the money their Shylocks come beating on your door for more cash to fund the original project. And since they are the government they can claim it is all legal because they make the rules on who lives and who dies. 😡

  2. cruisin2 says:

    They do seem to have a different set of ethics. Sad fact is they keep getting re-elected no matter how corrupt they are.

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