Auction thoughts

While our president is trying his
best to start class warfare, some
of those in his dreaded 1% were at
the Barrett-Jackson auction
bidding on charity vehicles.

Here are the charities and what
they got after the gavel came down.

$31,000- Chip Miller Foundation
35,000- Austin Hatcher Foundation for
Pediatric Cancer
79,000- Smile Train
50,000- Purple Heart Services Foundation
250,000- Paralyzed Veteran’s of America
75,000- Wounded Warrior Project Inc.
100,000- Make A Wish of Arizona and
Cox Charities
150,000- Darrell Gwynn Foundation
115,000- Childhelp and Victory Junction
160,000- St. Jude’s Research Hospital
1,000,000- Armed Forces Foundation
535,000- Fisher House Foundation
300,000- JDRF
120,000- TGEN Foundation
350,000- Camp Debbie Lou Foundation
50,000- Solid Rock Foundation
37,000- The Mad Girls Inc.
50,000- Roar on the Shore
150,000- Ironman Foundation
175,000- Achilles Foundation

First, someone had to donate the vehicle,
and get transportation to the auction,
all to give it away. The people who
bought the vehicles gave more than the
vehicles are worth to help the charities.

The $1 million that went to the Armed
Forces Foundation was for a ’64 Ford
that the man who bought it last year for
$700,000 donated back. Makes us proud
to be gearheads.
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5 Responses to Auction thoughts

  1. John says:

    Oh no the rich will go back to Clinton-era tax rates and have to trade in their Ferrari’s for a Porche. *gasp*

  2. thescoundrel says:

    Barack Obama –> the Great Divider. What a putz! I trust him about as much as I trust a starving shark not to take a bite out of me. In politics it is all about connections. No matter what any rotten piece of tax legislation he supports costs others – just like he did with Obamacare, his friends/financial supporters will get special privileges to soften any blow.

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