Since when….

When Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated
on March 4, 1801, he walked from the
Conrad and McMunn’s boarding house to
the ceremony.

He then delivered a 1,721 word speech in
Senate chambers and took the oath of office
administered by Chief Justice John Marshall.

He ran against John Adams as a

When Bush II vacationed at his ranch it
cost us taxpayers and estimated $250,000.
This included Air Force One, the cargo
planes to bring the limousines and support
vehicles, security, and staff.

When Obama took a bunch of friends overseas,
and booked most of an expensive hotel,
the cost was estimated at $200 million
a day. This included the passenger jets,
the cargo planes for 6 limos,the
accompanying support vehicles, security,
staff, and meals.

Which begs the question; why does the
president get the royal treatment? Is all
this hoopla really necessary? We believe
the pomp should be reduced until such time
as our country is on better financial
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2 Responses to Since when….

  1. AnonymouS says:

    Now Obama is cranking up the money presses and sending it to Europe. All that does is create inflation for the US Taxpayers.

    We will be paying for that with every purchase, and especially at the pump.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Not much he could do to surpirse us anymore. His “tax” cut to our Social Security deductions supposedly funded by a higher tax on the wealthy is just as crazy.

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