Consider this

There appears to be two very different
mindsets when it comes to what is ailing
our country. Put simply, there are people
who believe in capitalism and those who

It seems almost like recently it has
turned into the government against big
business. So we will try to explain it
to those who believe big business is evil.

Big business would not be in business if
we didn’t buy their products. Once again
we will use big oil as an example.

Most big oil corporations are publicly
traded companies. Big oil is a good long
term investment and more people than you
might think own stock with the purpose
of using the proceeds to fund their

Government on the other hand, is not a
good business partner, doesn’t sell a
product, cannot balance a budget, and
refuses to cut spending, while giving
themselves raises without regard to
the economy.

Now, just recently, the oil companies
wanted a new refinery and a pipeline
from Canada. Between the two it would
have meant 200,000 new jobs, billions
into the economy, and millions in taxes.

The government decided not to let the
oil companies have either and patted
themselves on the back as they believed
they had “won” the battle. Big oil
wouldn’t have the refinery or the pipe-
line and thus would stop drilling.

But government forgot that big oil is
a for profit entity that does get things
done. And their solution was simplicity
at it’s best.

Big oil would use railroads to bring
in the diesel fuel the refinery would
have produced and also to move the
crude they were producing out.

Some were worried about a spill on
the pipeline and how terrible that
would be. But consider this; if the
government would stop acting like a
spoiled child we would not have to
import a drop of oil, the cost to us
would drop, they would still get their
taxes, and a lot more people would
be working.

And if there is a spill, remember
that oil is a natural resource. It
comes out of the ground, not a test
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5 Responses to Consider this

  1. AnonymouS says:

    Usually Gluba doesn’t let the people attending the Council Meeting clap or talk during the meeting. That’s unless they are clapping for something that he supports like the homeless shelters and catering to the poor and homeless.

    Gluba lives in a nice house and a nice neighborhood, so he doesn’t know what it’s like to have a property right next to a Huminaty of Mary shelter house, where there’s problems with x-boy friends showing up regularly and making a scene.

    Gluba also didn’t understand last cycle about the problems with snow removal. He’s on a snow route, and the Public Works director makes sure that the mayors street is well maintained.

    Welcome to Davenport.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    What can we say, he’s a legend in his own mind.

  3. anonymous says:

    It’s always seemed a little odd that the people running these shelter houses don’t want to live in Davenport, but prefer to live in Bettendorf, Wilton, and Moline. Those cities arn’t homeless friendly.

    If these people want to scatter these low end people into our neighborhoods, then they need to babysit them and their problems. They need to give neighboring homeowners a 24 hour contact number to call when there is trouble, and not just a number that is a recording.

    Then a little known fact is that these scattered non-profit houses/multiplexes don’t pay any City of Davenport property taxes, so they are using our services for Free. It’s no wonder that other neighboring communities don’t want them.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    Davenport does seems to be homeless capital of the area.

  5. thescoundrel says:

    Drill Baby, Drill!

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