Happy Easter

April 24, 2011

We hope everyone has a very happy Easter. We will
going to Dad’s house for a little get together and a
little bit of ham. It’s going to be a great day and even
if your religion doesn’t celebrate Easter we hope you
enjoy the day.

On Monday we’ll return to regular posting.
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Special post

April 22, 2011

We will admit that we were having quite a
dilemma over this post. It will be the 1,900th
post since we began this blog and we wanted
it to be memorable.

Should we do post on politics, local issues,
the flood, or something different? After doing
countless hours of research the answer came
from an unlikely source.

We received an email from Vonda Mullins and
knew it would be the subject for this post.
She sent us a link to an infographic that
answers the question many of us have been
asking for years.

It is a question that has started bar fights,
caused divorce, and drove more than a few
scientists mad trying to answer. Thanks to
Vonda we now have the answers and will share
them with you.

Yes, this post and corresponding link will
tell you everything you ever wanted to know
about toilet paper. Does the toilet paper
go over or under? How long has it been
around? How much do we use?

We can now amaze our friends with facts like:
the first documented use of toilet paper goes
back to China in 6 AD. Or 50% of people pay
attention to toilet paper orientation in the
bathroom. Or Americans use 15 billion rolls of
toilet paper a year!

For the complete story, complete with graphs,
illustrations, and numberous facts go to the
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Some upcoming events

April 21, 2011

We’ve talked enough about politics for a while so
we’ll talk about some car events. It’s still a
little early in the year, but from here on out
the events will start popping up all over.

This saturday, April 23, is the first cruise-in
of the year at SouthPark Mall. The Quad Cities
Cruisers are hosting this event that starts at
6pm and runs until around 9 pm, weather permitting.

Next weekend is Torquefest which
will be in Maquoketa, Iowa this year. The event
will be held at the Jackson County Fairgrounds
with a movie at the 61 Drive In both nights.
Things should kick off around noon on friday
and run through saturday, April 29-30.

This event is for traditional hot rods, customs,
pre 65 cars and trucks with pre 74 bikes. The
show will go on rain or shine. We’ve
heard 350 vehicles have pre-registered this year.
If your car has billet, or is too new they won’t
let it on the showgrounds, but will park you separately
from spectators. For more information, go to the
link or read the article.

Sunday, May 1, is the 9th Annual Blessing of the
Cars and Display. This is held at the church lot
at 1216 West 8th St. (8th & Marquette streets)
and runs from 1-4 pm. If you think your ride
has demons, show up and get your ride blessed.

May 20 is the Advance Auto Grand Opening cruise
in from 5-8pm in the lot at 902 W. Kimberly Rd.,
Suite 21. After the kick-off event the cruise
ins will be held every other friday.

On June 4th, the River Valley Classics Car Club
will host it’s first cruise-in of the year. It
will run from 5 pm until the cows come home or
the oldfarts get tired. This year it will
return to NorthPark Mall.

There is some, by no means all, of things automotive
going on in area.
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Campaign thoughts

April 20, 2011

It should start getting interesting soon. Every
day closer to the 2012 elections the better the
stories should get.

The very people who should be working on the
problems we have in our country are the ones
who are gearing up to tell us how much we need

Our current president campaigned on closing
Gitmo, ending the war, speeding up the economic
recovery, and putting people to work.

We still have Gitmo, we’re in at least 2 wars,
the economy is still sluggish, and his stimulus
fizzled like a dud firecracker.

We also have Republicans in the House and Senate
who campaigned on getting the spending under
control and fighting Obamacare.

From what we’ve seen so far they have only made
a half-hearted attempt to curb spending and are
as good at forgetting what they campaigned on
as the president.

Our posturing potentate is now trying to pass
himself off as a moderate. Do not be fooled by
this talk. He has no intention of lowering gas
prices, cutting any government spending, or
easing our rising cost of living.

He is doing what he does best, covering his
own butt while blaming others for his mistakes.
And since TV news is no longer the source it
once was for legitimate news we have to cruise
the internet for the facts.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if a news correspondent
actually asked the president a relevent question?
Or called him on one of his exaggerations of the
truth? We miss the news reporters as opposed to
the news correspondents and wish they would return.
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What we need

April 20, 2011

Do you ever wonder what happened to the leaders?
The people who say what they do and do what they
say. The kind of person who looks at a problem
and comes up with a solution that actually works.

We sure could use someone like that today. It
would be great for our country if such
a person would step up, take charge, and make
some of the tough choices that need to be made.

Our problem is we have no born leaders in any
branch of government. They are all too busy
bickering about how things can’t be done. We
need someone who knows how to get things done
and isn’t afraid of ruffling a few feathers
to do it.

All politicians seem to think that compromise
is the only way to get things done while none
of them stands firm with their beliefs. They are
so used to taking the easy way out by putting a
band-aid on a broken leg, that we believe
they have lost the ability to think for

Oh sure, some stonewall the process or walk off
and go to another state, but is that really best
for our country. Honest debate on the merits of
their ideas would be better.

Someone has to stand up and tell these
people that the cupboard is bare, we have no
money, in a way they can understand. And we
as citizens should brace ourselves for some
tough choices that have to be made.

We are going to see $5 a gallon gas soon,
our grocery prices are climbing faster than
an escalator, insurance costs are up, and
earnings are not keeping up.

There has to be someone out there who can
run against Obama and make him a one-term
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How about…………

April 19, 2011

A recent column in a car magazine really got us
thinking. It was about how, in the opinion of
the editor, that we hot roddders had gotten soft.
The reason the editor thought this way was simple;
in the beginning a hot rod was made to be fast.

Now many of us have to have leather upholstry,
power steering, power disc brakes, power windows,
enough bling to make a fashion statement, and
be fast.

We feel this also applies to how we handle our
politicians. We have a president who is
living his rainbow-colored, sugar-free cotton
candy flavored, rose scented agenda of change.
He does this while claiming to have inheirited
the deficit problems his agenda has caused.

We have a Congress and House of Representatives
who allow him to do so why claiming that nothing
can be done to rectify the situation. We get the
feeling that they feel have been elected to do what
they wish and not what we, the people, want. They
also don’t seem to care about what is best for
our country.

While all this is happening, we the people,
take sides and argue about climate change,
green power, gay marriage, union rights,
high gas prices, and do nothing.

We heard our president gave another speech
and we haven’t heard anyone call him a liar
yet. Did he actually say, “we cannot spend
more money than we take in”? Gimme strength.

As sometimes happens, we may a simple
solution. When Just Eliminate Lies (JEL) was
first introduced to inform us about the
evil of smoking, people quit smoking. Now
we feel it has no purpose, and since our
government doesn’t end non-functioning
programs, we suggest that JEL simply be
changed to monitor truth in government.

It would keep the program busy, change the
landscape of political campaigns, and just
might spawn a reality TV show.
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Deja’ vu

April 17, 2011

Sometimes something triggers a memory like a
faint breeze swaying the fuzzy dice behind a
split windshield. You know the feeling, you
look at something, or read an article, and
you’re instantly transported back to an
enjoyable memory from younger days.

It happened today while looking at this months
edition of a traditional hot rod magazine.
I ran accross an article about the reprinting
of Hot Rod by Henry Gregor Felsen.

The book was originally published in 1950 and
was commissioned by the State of Iowa. The
state thought it would go a long way to stop
teenage drivers from speeding and cut down on
traffic fatalities.

A lot of us can remember how old we were
when we found a copy in a library and how it
changed our lives. We were pre-teen or early-
teen impressionable kids who took to this
man’s car books like a fish to water.

Mr. Felsen and his family had ties to Iowa as
they lived here for several years before he

There is now a revised reprint of the book
with a forward by his daughter. This would
make an excellent companion to the original
if you still have a copy.

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