Looking back

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. On Easter
Sunday Dad had a little family get together at his
place that featured his famous baked beans.

Since I am the oldest of his 4 kids, and recently had
a birthday, talk got around to how it felt to be 60. Of
course I replied it didn’t feel any different than 59 did
but I never thought I’d live that long.

I was being honest because of health issues and the
lifestyle I used to lead. This was followed by Dad
adding that he sure didn’t think he’d live to see his
80s due to a childhood illness.

Then my younger brother, a mere 57, chimed in with
the fact that he was surprised he had made it that
age. We actually had a good laugh over it to the
utter confusion of my sister and other brother.

They are just young enough not to remember what
healthcare used to be like before all the innovations
we take for granted today. I don’t even know if they
have heard of a quarantine or an iron lung.

People complain about our health care today, and
yet we’re living longer and getting more done while
doing it. We just don’t see a down side to that.

We have a busy day today but may post later with
some pictures from Torquefest. And whatever you
do, keep the shiny side up.
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