Monday thoughts

At times like these we like to see how the
politicians try to put the blame on someone
else. We feel this is due to an inept president
and legislators who never met a lobbyist they
didn’t like.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when our
government doesn’t like us doing something they
figure a way to tax it or ban it.

This may be called a luxury tax, an excise tax,
a sin tax; but politicians do like to create
taxes. Or it could make us fat, pollute our air,
or affect our kids in some unexplainable way, so
the government sees fit to ban it instead.

Another thing that shouldn’t surprise anyone is
the fact that the only thing politicians like
more than creating taxes is spending money. After
all, they didn’t earn it, they can’t lose their job
for over-spending, and it makes their campaign
supporters happy when they get money back.

When times get tough we citizens tighten our
belts, buy generic, and live within our means.
Our government just ups the debt ceiling and
spends more.

The Center For Fiscal Accountability lists some of
highest taxed items, some of which you may be
familiar with. We’ll list a few here and have a
link at the end to the website if you want to see
them all.

The most taxed item in our country is cigarettes.
The average retail price is $4.97 per pack. The
estimated tax on these is 86.71%, or $4.31. This
means the product cost less than 70 cents before

At number two is distilled spirits. The average
cost for a 750ml bottle is $13.10. It is taxed at
79.60%. In other words, $10.43 of the cost of the
bottle is taxes.

Car rentals come in third highest taxed. At an
average of $52.71 per rental and taxed at 60.60%.
This equals $31.94 in taxes.

Beer comes in fourth highest taxed. At an
average cost of $4.05 a six-pack and a 56.20% tax
rate. This figures out to $2.28 in taxes for
every $4 six-pack.

The fifth highest taxed is domestic airfare. This
averages $231 per trip with a 55% tax. This means
that $127.05 of that is taxes.

The list goes on to include home phones, gasoline,
hotel stays, cell phones, cable, firearms, meals
at restaurants, and soda. To see all the figures go

Our president has said he will looking into price
gouging with gas prices. But if taxes eat up 51.20% of
the cost of our gasoline, don’t we already know who’s
gouging us?
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