Helping the president

After giving the subject a lot of thought we’ve decided
that as a nation we should all band together and help
president Obama.

When one takes an unbiased look at all the man has
had to put up with it amazes us that he can find the
strength to face another day.

With all the problems left behind by the former
president, all the companies that were too big to
fail, the banks that had to be set straight, all the
money that had to spent to help our poor economy,
our healthcare problems, and more, we are surprised
the man found time to sleep.

Yet through all this adversity and partisanship he
found time to play basketball, play golf, and take a
vacation once a month. And since he has worked so
tirelessly to spread the wealth we think he deserves
our help.

As sometimes happens, we also have a solution that
would be best for both himself and all American citizens.
We’d like to help him out, but we don’t know which way
he got in.

So we believe that if we all work together we can make
Obama a one-term president. It would free him up to
golf and play basketball, and America would be better
place as well. We think it is a win/win situation and are
prepared to do all that we can to see this happen.
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