Spark and a speech

We live and we learn. In swapping out a faulty electrical
outlet yesterday I started throwing circuit breakers until
I thought I had found the one I needed. I then grabbed
my trusty circuit tester and when no light glowed began
the process of changing the outlet.

The combination of a metal electrical box and the belief
that I had cut all power to outlet soon caused me to see
the error of my ways. The resulting spark was bright but
shortlived as my reflexes are still pretty good, the new
outlet is in, and the security light is working again.

After we fixed the electrical problem we heard on TV
news that our president had given a speech concerning
Libya. Once again we missed this part of history in the
making because we have a life and it’s too short to listen
to the nonsense coming out of the Poser in Chief.

We also heard about how our school board is looking
into making cuts in case our Governor doesn’t up the
ante to the schools. As is the case when the budget
gets tight those at the bottom of the pay scale will
be the first to go.

With a drop-out rate that is still high, why not get rid of
administration positions at salaries that would actually
do something to help with the debt. It sure seems like
our schools have too much management and not enough
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12 Responses to Spark and a speech

  1. Nuckin_Futs says:

    “Poser in Chief.” That descibes him perfectly. 😉

  2. Anon says:

    Maybe you should change your name from Cruiser to Sparky. I’m glad no one got hurt and everything came out ok.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    We like to think so.

    Thank you. If I changed my name I don’t know how well
    a ‘Just Sparkin’ blog would do.

  4. avto says:

    This is very goog info for me. Author – respect!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do you know how many administrators there are and what they do? Do you know how many teachers there are? Do you know how much support staff there are? Do you know the actual numbers or do you like to “parrot” Rush and Beck and Jim Fisher? Have you considered that there may not be enough administrators or teachers or support staff? Of course the governor needs to not properly fund schools because he has to reward his campaign donors with tax cuts. According to the Tax Institute Iowa has the 40th (that’s out of 50) tax burden of any state in the union. Doesn’t seem to me that it’s a spending problem.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    I have run the numbers several times, and posted on them, that I’m not doing it again. We spend more money on education that most other countries to get lower test scores, a higher drop-out rate, and more violence. If the school district has $1 million to buy out an existing business to make said business a parking lot, they don’t need anymore money. As for taxes, if they’re so low how come we don’t have a lot more people living here?

  7. Anonymous says:

    So you know the numbers. In Davenport over 1800 teachers and fewer than 100 administrators. That is a ratio of more than 18 to 1. The most effective ratio of workers to supervisors is 7 to 1. with 9 to 1 a maximum. Other countries spend much less on education because they provide things like FREE HEALTH CARE and PENSIONS that are not included in their calculation. The world is not as simple as you make it seem.

  8. Anonymous says:

    And for your second comment, taxes are not as big of a priority to most people than you seem to think. More people live in the highest tax state (California) than in the three lowest tax states combined. It is quality of life that matters to people. Taxes are pretty minor in the big picture.

  9. cruisin2 says:

    My source said 1,286 teachers teachers, but close enough. The ration I consider most important is the student to teacher ratio which is around 15 students per teacher.
    The world is indeed not simple but cost factors aside, we still don’t rank high on test scores. Perhaps others don’t look at taxes when they move, but we haven’t had a population explosion here either.
    I believe at least part of the reason is taxing retirees, fees, and other taxes.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, you are correct. I meant all classroom staff including paraeducators. Also anothe 400+ other support staff not in the 1800. Agreed on the test scores, but the drop out info is another bogus calculation. If someone starts in one school district and moves to another and graduates they are counted as a dropout in the district they moved from. Given the transient populaation in Davenport, Des Moines, etc. that number is not real accurate

  11. cruisin2 says:

    We realize the drop out numbers are questionable at best, but they’re the only figures we have to work with.

  12. Jeff Olive says:

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