Another crisis

We’ve heard the news that our City Council has unanimously
supported a new law to regulate security cameras in our homes.
This new law is neither needed nor wanted but the vast majority
of our citizens, but the Council knows that all will be forgotten
when the election rolls around again.

We do not know the circumstances surrounding the alleged
need for this new invasion of our rights, only that one person
in one neighborhood is the cause of it. If the politicians on
our City Council had any common sense this issue would get
taken off the agenda.

And now that it appears the flood will be smaller than expected
we hear of people who act like this is cause to celebrate. A
smaller flood now just means that colder temperatures have
kept the snow up north from melting. It could also mean another
flood when it does melt.

Here at the Casa Cruiser we’ll be looking into a small electrical
problem that just popped up. Since it is causing our security
light to malfunction it is priority one. If it is a small glitch we
should be back in business by the time it gets dark.
Comments are always welcome.

4 Responses to Another crisis

  1. play it again sam says:

    Is the City of Davenport going to pay for my security camera when it is stolen or damaged because it is visible. Idiots.

  2. Nuckin_Futs says:

    No need to hurry fixing that security light. If you listen to Malin and the Chief, there’s hardly any crime left in Davenport. 😉

  3. Old Guy in Davenport says:

    It’s a spy camera if you own it.
    It’s a security camera if the city owns it.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    play it again sam,
    It wouldn’t really be a security camera if everyone passing by knows it’s there. If we hide the cameras good enough the city might not be able to see them to enforce the law.

    I KNOW what the crime is like and light is fixed. I did find out the hard way that my test light doesn’t work though.

    Old Guy in Davenport,
    That sums it up. I guess the difference is that those of us who have security cameras actually look at the screen to see if anything happened.

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