Dismantled ship

My brother stopped by for a little visit recently
and talked turned to the ship we served on while
in the Navy. After he informed me that he did
an internet search and found out she was
decommissioned I admit to being curious as to
her fate.

The USS Preble, DDG-46, was a Guilded Missle
Destroyer during our hitch and had seen a lot
of action since it was commissioned in 1960.

She was a lean machine at 5,648 tons, with a
length of 512 feet 6 inches, and a crew of 360.
With 85,000 SHP turbines and twin screws the
Preble had a top speed of 33 knots and a range
of 5000 NM at 20 knots.

The Preble was ‘dismantled’ in March of 2002.
That news caused me to wonder how one would go
about scapping something the size of a ship.

After some searching I discovered the Metro
Machine Corporation did indeed dismantle the
Preble, and even some pictures of the deed. You
can see the pictures here.

It seems like a sad end to a ship that had two
different home ports and a drydock while we were
aboard. We were almost hoping it would have been
sunk off the coast for an artificial reef instead.
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4 Responses to Dismantled ship

  1. anonymous says:

    The baseball park reminds me of the movie “The Money Pit.” That new flood wall they are building around Modern Woodman is costing over a million dollars, and that doesn’t include the cost of the skybridge over the railroad tracks. Just last summer taxpayers spent a bundle on paving a parking lot under the bridge, and a few years before that we remodeled the interior for them. It’s just one project after another, but of course, in this budget, the council voted to not spend as much on street projects. The choice was potholes or baseball, and baseball won out.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I don’t have anything against baseball, but it does seem like we put a lot of money in the ballpark and surrounding area. It might be cheaper to move the ballpark to higher ground.

  3. AnonymouS says:

    You are right cruiser. They should have moved it to dry ground years ago. Actually Alderman Meyer suggested that just to get shouted down by other council members.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    Thanks, but it would save a lot money if it didn’t have floodproofed every-other year.

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