Survey says…

In our last unscientific survey of the year we noticed a
shift in the numbers. Some went down, a few stayed about
the same, and a few actually rose. In this installment we
will cite this surveys total along with last weeks average
and the new one.

Looking at the week of 12-21-10 to 12-27-10 here’s what
we found:

Assaults- 11
Burglary- 11
Disturbance- 25
Larceny from building- 11
Larceny from vehicle- 7
Shots fired- 2
Vehicle theft- 3

In our last survey the averages were:
Assaults- 16.33
Burglary- 28
Disturbance- 18.66
Larceny from building- 6.66
Larceny from vehicle- 11.33
Shots fired- 2
Vehicle theft- 5

In this survey the averages are:
Assaults- 15
Burglary- 23.75
Disturbance- 20.25
Larceny from building- 7.75
Larceny from vehicle- 10.25
Shots fired- 2
Vehicle thefts- 4.5

Assaults appear to have gone down as did burglaries, larceny
from vehicles, and vehicle thefts. During the same time frame
disturbance calls and larceny from building calls went up,
while shots fired calls and vehicle theft calls remained about the same.

We don’t know if these numbers were affected by the winter
weather or not. It could even be the criminal element caught
the Christmas spirit.
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4 Responses to Survey says…

  1. anonymous says:

    So often at Quik Shop you see people leave their car running while they run in for smokes or a 12 pack. It only takes a few seconds for someone to jump in and drive off.

  2. alsoanon says:

    Talk about a gift wrap present in the hood.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    I never could understand that habit, but imagine quite a few get stolen that way.


  4. enamyncJale says:


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