Christmas past

Christmas is in the rearview mirror and we are left with
bags of torn gift wrapping, leftovers, snow, and some fond
memories. For a while it appeared Mother Nature was on a
mission to keep us all snowbound.

I admit to starting off Christmas Day on a blue note due
to the fact this would be our first Christmas day without
mom. Shortly after I got up I looked heavenward and wished
her a very heartfelt Merry Christmas. I hope she heard.
That lifted my spirits until I read in the paper that a
friend has lost his mom this Christmas Eve.

When I called the friend to give our condolences, he told
me that he wasn’t that close to his mom and hadn’t been for
years. When we finished the call I began to wonder if this
was a rare condition or if a lot of people aren’t close to
their parents. Since the wife and I both come from families
who have always put family first we didn’t know what to make
of that.

Later we went to my dad’s house to spend some of Christmas
with him and my family. We talked a little about mom and
shared some favorite stories. It brought back memories of how their
place always seemed crowded on the holidays. When it got to
that point this year we had to leave to go to the in-laws and
spend a little time with them.

I enjoy the time we spend with the wifes clan but admit to
really enjoying the view from the kitchen. Looking out and
seeing acres of cornfield under a new snow is a sight to
behold. No tire ruts or footprints, just acres and acres of as
God left it snow. After a light meal, opening gifts, and casual
talk, it was time to cruise home.

We had our son and his wife over for snacks and another small
gift swap. I believe I’ve almost had my fill of cocktail wieners
for the year. As parents we can now say that when he asks for
something noisy we’re glad he takes it with him. He wanted an
alarm clock that looks like a tach and makes burnout noises.
After hearing it here for about an hour we wonder if he’s still
married today.

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and wish all a
Happy New Year. If you make a resolution we hope you stick it
out, or at least fib about it if you don’t.

And now, since it is Christmas past, we have some straightening
up to do and a snowblower to fix. During the last snow when I
went to start it the recoil decided to take a vacation. Although
I’m probably a little healthier for it, I can honestly say I
haven’t shoveled that much snow in years.

We’ll have another installment of the police calls survey done
shortly and will post the results.
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to Christmas past

  1. anonymous says:

    Driving around this moring doing errands, I couldn’t help but notice how many people used their snow throwers to throw the snow back into the street after the city had cleaned it up already. The cost of snow cleanup is huge, so it’s such a waste of money when people do that. Too bad they don’t write tickets for this offense.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I never could figure out why people do that. We always turn the chute so the snow blows back onto our property. Perhaps they’re just too lazy to turn the chute.

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