Observations on aging

Sometimes simple things make one wonder if everyone feels
the same way or if it’s just us. Aging is a simple thing
that a lot of us go through and it got us to wondering if
others feel the same way we do.

Here’s a few things we’ve decided-

As we get older time really starts flying, and some of
us have a tendency to try and fix all the worlds problems.
We don’t mean like war, poverty, or natural disasters, but
the real problems facing mankind.

Like when we were younger we had ‘abs of steel’ and now
that has morphed into a bucket of rust.

Or when could remember things and thought our memory was
a steel trap. Now sadly, the trap has rusted.

And when we were younger time seemed to stand still. On
the 10th of December Christmas felt like it was years away
and would never come. As we age we start planning in June
so it doesn’t sneak up on us.

When we were younger we drove flashy cars daily and loved
to feel the wind in our hair. Now a lot of us have a hard
time remembering what hair is.

As we get older we do get a little more leeway than the
younger folks because we have lived long enough to be called
eccentric instead of odd.

Older people seem to read the Bible more than younger folks
and that makes me wonder if they’re looking for loopholes or
cramming for finals.

We wonder why when people see you have a litterbox in the
corner of the room they feel compelled to ask you if you
have a cat. Makes us wonder if they think we’re not house-
broke yet.

Finally, we have figured out that old age is the time when
you still have something on the ball but you’re too tired to
bounce it.
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2 Responses to Observations on aging

  1. QC Ghost says:

    I kinda enjoy the nightly trips to the bathroom at this age. And then again it’s fun every morning when the sun comes up to check my aim.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    lol, at least we get our excercise.

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