Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We hope everyone has a
long list of things to be thankful for. If you are
driving to be with family and friends, remember to
keep the shiny side up.

We’re thankful for our family and friends who
remind us that even though we’re not perfect they
love us unconditionally.

We are thankful for all the family and friends we
have loved and lost, for when we lose them we reset
our priorities.

We are thankful for all our dumb mistakes as they
help keep us humble.

We’re thankful for all the little things that
bring us joy. We all need a little happiness.

We’re thankful we got the Ford back and returned
the subcompact we used while getting it fixed. We
learned this middle-aged couple were not designed
for a smaller vehicle.

And we’re thankful we still have a pot to pee in
and a window to throw it out of. Happy Thanksgiving.
Comments are always welcome.

6 Responses to Giving thanks

  1. Dez says:

    Gobble ’till you wobble!

  2. nuckin_futs says:

    As seen on a sign at the TSA check in area at O’hare.

    Can’t see London
    Can’t see France
    Until we see your Underpants


  3. anonymous says:

    Thanks to you Cruiser for keeping us entertained by your blog, and keeping us up to speed on city matters.

  4. ANON says:

    I see in todays paper that the Vanderveer lagoon won’t be refilled for skating this winter. It seems it is too expensive to staff and maintain. Gee, it wasn’t too expensive to staff and maintain till the city bought the old sports center and now won’t compete against itself. Maybe they now realize that free beats pay every time it’s tried. Next, the city will be closing some of the public soccer fields to fill the paid soccer field downtown. The inmates are (still) running the asylum!

  5. anonymous says:

    The city just paid a consultant to come in an run a citizens survey to tell them that we are dissatisfied with the conditions of the streets and sewers, and that the flower beds in the parks are full of weeds, and we need more police presents. Seems like the consultant we paid 2 years ago came to the same conclusions. Was this a waste of money or what?

  6. cruisin2 says:

    lol, we did. I even had enough green beans to last me until next Thanksgiving.

    lol, that’s probably truer than we know.

    Our pleasure. We’ll get back to posting as soon as I make sure I got rid of the virus we got by email.

    I noticed they started dredging a little late in the year. I’m wondering IF they’ll open the lagoon for skating again. As you say it competes with the indoor rink.

    These surveys make the politicians happy so we assume they believe it is worth the cost.

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