Border rant

Recently I was told that there is no problem along our southern border
because our president says so. Not one to believe that everything is
wine and roses, and with a little help from John Donald O’Shea, I will

Mexico supplies the U.S. with more pot and meth than any other country.
It also is an entry point for cocaine and herion from other countries
into the U.S. Mexican cartels are now the dominant cocaine trafficers
in the world. Here are five of these cartels which operate along the
border with the United States.

Gulf Cartel- was considered the most powerful in Mexico before a split
with its enforcement arm, the Los Zetas. Formed the New Federation with
La Familia, and the Sinaloa cartel. Violence along the
Texas-Mexico border is increasing.

Los Zetas- made up of former Mexican military who trained in the U.S.
at Fort Benning, Georgia to combat the drug cartels. They are considered
military “special forces”. Some say the Zetas are responsible for
hundreds of murders, executing journalists, murdering people in Dallas,
McAllen, and Laredo, Texas, detaining two DEA agents, and firing upon
Border Patrol agents in Arizona.

Sinaloa Cartel- run by Joaquin “El Chappo” Guzman Loera who is on
Forbes’ list of richest people. At war with the Juarez cartel over
Ciudad Juarez, an important area for massive drug smuggling into
the U.S.

Tijuana Cartel-a weakened cartel but still a threat.

Juarez Cartel- based in Ciudad Juarez, one of the best trafficing routes
into the U.S. At war with the Sinaloa cartel over control of the area
makes Juarez the most violent city in Mexico.

More information and maps of the cartels area of influence can be
found here.

I know this administration doesn’t believe in terrorists, or that
these cartels are anything but charitable organizations, so here are
a few facts. We are told there is no violence on our side of the
border and that it’s safer than it’s ever been. I refer you to a June 4,
2010 story from KVEO News Center 23 in which it reports of an
alleged plot by the Los Zeta cartel to blow up Falcon Dam after
stealing a lot of gunpowder and dynamite.

A web post by reporter Michael Webster claims members of Los Zeta are ordered to
shoot and kill any armed Americans seen on American soil.

Here’s an account of what it’s really like along the border.

A story of how over 19,000 people have been killed in drug violence in Mexico since 2006.
This is a problem and pretending it isn’t happening will not make
it go away.
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3 Responses to Border rant

  1. thescoundrel says:

    The problem isn’t going away until our politicians spend time on solving the issues instead of playing political “hot potato” and “what’s in it for me” with illegal immigration.

    I do not always agree with his column but Judge O’Shea is the best columnist when it comes to addressing issues in the QC.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Politicians do have a way of taking the easy way out. We need to find some with backbones.

  3. 2T2 says:

    You answered your own question. “Mexico supplies the U.S. with more pot and meth than any other country.
    It also is an entry point for cocaine and herion from other countries into the U.S.”

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