Some crime thoughts

Back in March the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3))
released their 2009 report on internet crime. Complaints
were up over 22% from 2008 but monetary losses skyrocketed.
Loss went from $265 million in 2008 to $559.7 million in
2009. To see the figures and learn more, go here.

Sometimes people just don’t pay attention to what’s going
on around them. I’ll add a link to a video that should open
your eyes. It’s on YouTube and it’s called: Why cops don’t like baggy clothes.
I may have run this one before but feel people need a little
reminder from time to time.

Speaking of firearms, once again shots were fired this past
thursday about 11 pm in the 1100 block of Arlington Avenue.
While nobody was injured or killed this has got to stop. The
first time somebody is hit by a stray round people will start
making noise. The time to start making noise is before there
is a first innocent victim.

While the shots fired calls have been moving around a little,
the skybridge hasn’t gone anywhere. It makes no difference if
you love it or hate it the skybridge is a reality. Vandalism
is nothing new to the structure but lately it appears to be
the target of choice for vandals. Everybody should be concerned
about that fact because someone has to pay for repairs. I can’t
see the attraction of taking an elevator to a concrete slab 50
feet over the roadbed to damage the physical integrity of a
structure that is keeping me 50 feet in the air.
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5 Responses to Some crime thoughts

  1. nitrous55 says:

    If it is not affecting them, most around here don’t care. They expect the government or others to take care of the crime problem.

  2. thescoundrel says:

    You know what is humorous about baggy cloths that bag below the underwear – the look is actually a prison fashion expression. The guys wear their pants like that so other prisoners know they are available to be a bottom for sex. It seems all these punks running around with their underwear showing are expressing their homosexual side.

  3. nitrous55 says:

    That is funny.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    That seems to be how it is.

    Haven’t heard that one. That could make for interesting times if ex-con would run into banger wannabe.

  5. I’m pretty sure I could figure out something is up with that kid in the video, considering that he’d be rattling and clanking and walking like he has a wooden leg with that shotgun in his pants. While I understand the point of the video, it goes so far that it makes it almost silly. A school uniform wouldn’t stop him from carrying one or more of the subcompact handguns in his pockets.

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