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The following is the news release about the budget. To the best of my knowledge it is as written. I changed it from a word file to a notepad file in case some of you couldn’t open a word document. So here’s what we

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Media Release

Davenport Council Improves Services, Cuts Taxes

February 22, 2010
At a six hour meeting Saturday, Mayor Gluba and the City Council reviewed details of the FY11 budget in development. The budget, to be approved at the March 10 City Council meeting, will include
several service enhancements and a tax rate reduction.

The FY11 budget funds the Eastern Avenue Branch library, which will open in June. The budget includes a record level of street and sewer improvements, more than $55 million in FY11 and $192 million over the six year capital program. The capital budget also includes renovation of Central Fire Station, the oldest operating fire station west of the Mississippi, in FY15. New to the upcoming budget is the operation of the Quad City Sports Center by the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department. Parks and Rec will operate the facility, to be renamed “Rivers’ Edge”, with user fees rather than property taxes. The budget also includes a partnership with the Putnam Museum and Davenport School District for the School District to create a Children’s Village learning center in the former Davenport Museum of Art on Fejervary Hill.

At the operational level, the budget continues to fund a record number of police officers. The budget includes $100,000 to fund partnership efforts to improve K-12 education and enhanced funding of economic development and marketing to attract and retain business and jobs. The DavenportNOW program continues, with a ten year, 50% City property tax rebate for new investment by existing and new homeowners and businesses.

For Davenport homeowners, the budget includes a new service to repair sewer lines, funded through the first increase in the fixed sewer rate in 18 years. The rate increase will cost the typical homeowner $4.43 per month. Low income elderly or disabled homeowners are exempt from the rate increase. Golfers will also see a fee increase, of $2 per round at Emeis Golf Course and $1 per round at Duck Creek and Red Hawk Golf Courses, to support golf course improvements. Even with the increase, Davenport golf fees remain the best value in the region.

The City Council supported cost saving efforts by employees, reviewing a report of well over 100 cost saving measures. A net reduction of 13 full time employees is projected in the budget, and 132 non-union employees will continue to lead on cost saving through a scheduled deferral of a general wage increase. Non-union employees will receive a 1% increase July 1, 2010, January 1, 2011 and June 1, 2011 rather than a 3% increase on July 1, 2010 granted union employees under current contracts. Operational adjustments
within the Police Department have reduced overtime expenses and the budgeted $447,988 in overtime is expected to be sufficient for the upcoming year. Improved efficiencies and risk management is allowing the City Council to reduce the operating levy by .05. This will save a homeowner of a $250,000 house, $5.86 and an owner of a commercial property valued at $500,000, $25 per year.

The budget discussion Saturday included two notable service enhancements for the Summer of 2010. Funding was provided for combining the Red, White & Boom fireworks display with the IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Blues Fest in LeClaire Park. Admission to the Blues Fest will be free that day, and the Quad City Symphony will play as the fireworks explode over the river. The budget also includes a first ever “Discover Davenport Kids Summer Pass”. The details of the summer pass, a unique program to give children access to
community cultural and recreation facilities all summer long, will be
announced March 3.

City of Davenport

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5 Responses to Budget news release

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about an honest media release telling people how much the fees went up compared to how much the taxes went down. What a bunch of manipulation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Craig could write a dinner menu sounding wonderful of shit served on biscuits.

  3. Anon. says:

    I heard from a very reliable source, that a person whom I will not name here, offered $2 million for the sports center. If that is true, why doesn’t the city sell it for a quick $200,000 profit?

  4. cruisin2 says:

    I just post what I receive. I was left with several questions myself.

    He does have a way with words.

    I’ve heard the city doesn’t actually own the sports center yet and believe they shouldn’t. If they do own it they should sell it.

  5. nitrous55 says:

    The buyer may want to hold off. I heard something that may change his/her/its mind.

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