Pre-Thanksgiving rant

Since Thanksgiving is thursday, and I didn’t do a rant
last thursday, I decided to do a little rant today. The
following is a few observations of subjects I’ve seen
discussed online, talked about on newscasts, or heard in
conversations. These observations contain my opinion on the
subject discussed.

There has been some discussion on how many visitors a blog
gets per day. I would imagine all blogs are different, but
on this one at least it changes every day. Some days may be
a hundred visitors or on the best day there were 847. I do
know the counter says over 209,000 visitors since the blog

This H1N1 panic is getting crazy. I don’t get why all the
focus is on this flu when there are other issues that are
more worthy of attention. Has anyone heard much about the
prescription pain killer addiction problem? Its said that
overdoses kill 16,000 Americans every year. That seems like
a bigger problem than the flu which the government claims
kills about 4,000 a year.

Funny thing about those figures is the fact that the CDC
now recommends not counting anymore. An investigative re-
porter found the actual death count was 1% to 17% of the
government figures.

Now that the global warming warming is getting closer to be
proven wrong and based on junk science instead of facts,
shouldn’t Al Gore be arrested for fraud. After all didn’t
he make millions of dollars selling carbon credits to offset
the non-existant global warming problem?

And if there is no global warming there is no need for the
cap and trade bill. This plan to raise our utility rates by
$1,700 per year in a few years, among other things, should be scrapped.The legislators should start acting like responsible adults
instead of kids in a candy store.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Comments are always welcome.

15 Responses to Pre-Thanksgiving rant

  1. qcexaminer says:

    “I do know the counter says over 209,000 visitors since the blog started.”

    Oh, so you wanna play the old “Mine’s Bigger Than Yours” game, eh cruiser? πŸ˜€

  2. cruisin2 says:

    lol, no game. I put that in just in case someone wanted to do the math. I don’t know if that is a high number or not and I’m not going to do the math to find out. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. anonymous says:

    Aproximately how many days has the blog been going so we can do the math.

    Inquiring minds wannna know


  4. anonymous says:

    Here’s something to add to the rant department. Last night the Council approved the flower boxes/planters in the middle of River Drive. What makes it even worse is they expanded the area from the original proposal.

  5. nitrous55 says:

    I hit a nerve there. Too bad you can’t put the effort into getting candidates you like and maybe you’ll have a council that does things you want. Not be blaming D-1 for stacking the deck.

  6. anonymous says:

    You’ve been sniffing too much of QCI’s tailpipe Nitrous.

    Get a clue dude.

  7. cruisin2 says:

    The blog started January 26, 2006.

    I still don’t see the sense in doing that but I’m probably in the minority.

    I still can’t see putting flower beds in the center of a State highway.

    He has a point. The same people keep getting elected so the majority must be happy with the plans they keep coming up with.

  8. Downtown Chicago’s Michigan Avenue manages quite well with planters in the median. I’d imagine it might just have even more traffic than River Drive…

  9. Walnut says:

    Maybe the planters should be painted to look like over sized garbage cans as they will be a great target smoker’s fags and punks who though trash from their cars.

  10. anonymous says:

    Nitrous55 – What are you talking about when in your post you say you struck a nerve? I don’t see where you have posted anything else on this thread. Sometimes it is hard for others to follow your thinking when you do things like this. Explain your logic.

  11. anonymous says:

    I wonder what those planters will be constructed out of on River Drive. You can bet the skatepark kids will have them spray painted like everything else in that area. It needs to be some sort of material that is easily pressure washed to remove the paint.

    Another important thing is who is going to maintain the plants. The City has shown by their actions that they can’t do things like this. Look at West River Drive, the islands on West Locust, and that planter at the base of the Centenial Bridge. They are all weedy messes. Some of the plants have been dead on West Locust for several years and never been replaced or removed.

    It actually could be an ongoing expense with time. Look at the rock wall near the village of East Davenport. That is alot farther from the traffic, and was often hit by cars and trucks. It looked aweful to drive by. Now it’s been repaired with some precast looking concrete that is not very eye appealing.

  12. Walnut says:

    The way I last saw the design was that the planters would built in the center of the road and most likely be maintained by the Friends of Downtown Partnership. But I haven’t seen any updates lately.

  13. nitrous55 says:

    The nerve is worrying about how many look at this and other local blogs. I have made the comment that few get involved with commenting on all blogs. It explains why there is a certain opinion on this and QCI’s with the role of government, but the votes go the other way.

    I must not sucked too much of QCI’s exhaust, I did vote for Meyer. Nice insult. Now go try to help Meyer get back in office and give him some help on the council. He can’t do it by himself.

  14. anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing the additional statistics Cruiser, and congratulations on the lenght of time you’ve put up with us.


    Common sense told me you have way more than 100 readers, as between Church and Casi I know about 20 who follow your post. Not all of them visit the site everyday, as they are busy playing cards an napping.


  15. cruisin2 says:

    And a thank you to everyone who stops by the blog. You could say you know 21 people who follow the posts because the rest of them sound a lot like me some days.

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