Obama phones?

I recieved an email from a friend that I found a little hard to
believe. It was about a government funded program that gives cell
phones to low income people and those on welfare. Since I don’t
remember hearing about this program I chose to research it. Ends
up it’s true. Currently available in 18 states and D.C. the
company gives free cell phones and free minutes to people who
earn up to 135% of the poverty level and welfare recipients.

One source of the story is here. The website of the
company with requirements to get the free offer is located

It should be comforting to us taxpayers that our tax dollars are
put to such a use.
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5 Responses to Obama phones?

  1. Nuckin'_Futs says:

    Bumper sticker of the day:



  2. thescoundrel says:

    Maybe his holiness _Pope Obama- should hand some out to Anita Dunn. Team Obama has been claiming all kinds of false rumors are getting spreading about their Marxist team. They even are paying Dunn Tax Dollars to watch Fox news so they can spot any error Fox supposedly makes. Glenn Beck actually installed a hot phone direct dedicated only to the White House so Dunn could call in to correct any mistakes he makes. He is still awaiting for that first call from Team Marxist Obama.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    lol I’d buy that one.

    Didn’t Beck even bring in pidgeons in case the phones didn’t work? I used to watch him more when he was HLN because it was on at a more convient time for me.

  4. thescoundrel says:

    I dunno about the pigeons. If he did I missed the show. I never really saw Beck all that much until recently. I used to catch him time to time on HLN but not real often. I caught him even less when he moved to Fox. But then I kept reading progressive complaints about his show and I started to arrange time where I could watch him more often. I figured all that left wing whining – he must be doing something right. I love his show on Fox much better than the times I saw him on HLN. I can see why both Republicans and Democrats get mad at his Libertarian rants. He pounds on whomever trips his trigger that day. It shows as his ratings are only surpassed by the O’Reilly Factor. I swore I would never invest in a Tivo but I have been considering it just so I would not miss his show when life gets in the way.

  5. pgriggs says:

    excuse me, dimwits, common sense should be used. In az. a company which had been in business for over 20 years couldn’t continue business supplying pay phones because of lack of use. 1000’s of payphones were removed and 100’s of people were out of work. Look around and find a pay phone, they aren’t there anymore. The only company that can continue operating pay phones in the red is ATT. Just how can someone who can’t afford a home phone call the fire dept, emergency numbers, etc. opps they can’t. Each state has guidelines and most only allow less than 40 minutes a month. Also, if you are looking for a job and there’s no number to call you are out of luck. your racism, lack of empathy for the poor is so evident.

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