Rant and a joke

Once again I wasn’t going to do a mini-rant post but with so much out there to choose from I will. Several issues caught my eye this week so at this time I’ll touch on a few.

I have noticed Obama appears to have mellowed a little since he has so much more experience than when he took office. I couldn’t figure out why the health care bill went from a crisis if not passed yesterday to an issue that can wait. Rumors are all over the board as to why and one of them seems to have some merit.

When the stimulus bill was passed there was a provision in it to “Nationalize health care records” to speed up the process and cut cost. Lets take a look.

What if this rider were in the 1,000 page bill-
“$400,000,000 shall be available…to accelerate the development and dissemination of research assessing the comparative effectiveness of health care treatments and strategies, including through efforts that: (1) conduct, support, or synthesize research that compares the clinical outcomes, effectiveness, and appropriateness of items, services, and procedures that are used to prevent, diagnose, or treat diseases, disorders, and other health conditions.”

In other words it gives the government the power to say we can’t have the operation because it costs to much for our age, we’re not important enough, or we’re not healthy enough to have the life-saving procedure. I believe this would affect a large number of people who do need various procedures to improve their quality of life or wish to
continue it and have the insurance to do it.

The stimulus bill mandates electronic healthcare records for every American by 2014 and would “encourage the development and use of clinical registries, clinical data networks, and other forms of electronic health data that can be used to generate or obtain outcomes data.” For whom?

What’s next with these people; a mandatory age when we just line up and jump into the fire? What would happen to babies with birth defects? Would costly research continue, or would it just be used to cure common colds and other inexpensive ailments?

And if this rumor is true what good would health insurance do us if the government won’t let us use the insurance? If true we might just as well quit paying our $900 a month and enjoy what time we have left. As I’ve said these are rumors, but I’ve been a lot more of them. Until it is proven I consider it food for thought.
This reminded me of a joke cruisin the internet right now about how older people could get around all the restrictions if they are put in place-

While discussing the upcoming
Universal Health Care Program with my friend the other day,
I think that we have found the solution. I am sure you have
heard of the ideas that if you are a senior, you need to
suck it up and give up the idea that you need any health
care. A new hip? Unheard of. We simply can not afford to
take care of you anymore. You do not need any medications
for your high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc.
Let’s take care of the young people. After all, they will
be ruling the world very soon.

So here is the solution:

When you turn 70, you get a gun
and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot 2 senators and 2
representatives (don’t miss!). Of course, you will be
sent to prison where you will get 3 meals a day, a roof over
your head and all the health care you need!!! New teeth,
great!!! Need glasses, no problem. New hip, knee, kidney,
lung, heart? Well, bring it on. And who will be paying for
all of this. The same government that just told you that you
are too old for health care. And, since you are a prisoner,
you do not have to pay any income tax.
Watching a little HLN I heard a story about woman being sued because of something she twittered. She mentioned a mouldy apartment and the owner of the property is suing her for $50,000. In a poll the station run 60% said you shouldn’t be able to sue over something twittered. Even if you agree she stepped over the line with the comment should the owner of the building be given that much money if they sue and win? Somewhere there should be monetary
limits on how much someone’s hurt feelings are worth.

East 15th street between Iowa and Pershing streets will be closed for another lateral repair. That means it could be closed through next week. We seem to have barricades all over the SoLo area because of these lateral breaks and some homeowners can’t afford the repair cost so the barricades stay up and the sinkholes get bigger. Somewhere,
somebody has an answer for this problem.
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26 Responses to Rant and a joke

  1. thescoundrel says:

    I have been saying this from the start. The Obama Health Care Plan is not about reform as much as it is about allowing the Government to determine who lives and who dies. Logan’s Run anyone?

  2. Whereas insurance companies currently do that…

  3. Nitrous55 says:

    With insurance companies, word gets out and they get hurt financially. Government won’t care. Where else would you go?

  4. thescoundrel says:

    Not only do the Insurance companies get bitten financially, as long as the government is a watch dog of the health care industry -instead of financially benefiting from the industry- there is more chance of finding a government crusader to help fight health care injustices.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    I agree it’s all about controlling us.

    Insurance companies can be taken to court, we can’t sue the government.

    Exactly, we’d have to go out of the country to get treatment we can now get anywhere in this country.

    I believe there wouldn’t be a need for insurance after a certain age, if you smoke, or are overweight because the government wouldn’t allow us to get treated. If we can’t get treated, why would we pay for insurance.

  6. For one, you guys are arguing against a system that isn’t being realistically considered by anyone, which is a single payer system. All of your arguments about how bad the “government option” would be don’t matter, because you’d be free to keep your own insurance.

    In the current system, you guys argue that the market solves any negatives. So if you have Acme insurance, and they decline to pay for your life-saving measures and you die, at least your survivors can get different insurance. That is, unless they have pre-existing conditions, in which case they can either stay with Acme until they die, or as Grassley said “get a job with the Government.” But then, at least your grandkids will know not to give their business to Acme insurance. That’ll show ’em.

  7. Another million says:

    Noticed there is another new million dollar ($900,000) project for the riverfront.Scaleable likeour taxes? Thesepeoplenever sleep.

  8. anonymous says:

    The $900,000 is only this next phase. Malin wants to spend about another two or three million. That doesn’t include the cost over-runs, and more half million dollar restrooms, plus a skybridge to cross River Drive. We will spend all this money just to watch the kids vandelize, spray paint, and leave it looking each day like the city landfill.

    Bring on the water cannons. 😉

  9. Wha's up says:

    Has the Clunker program really been suspended? Unreal. Going to have to invite all the respective parties (except the taxpayers) in for a kegger.See your broker.Buy peanut stocks and save your Obama cup.Pour salt on your wounds. Go to bed early. This all might just be a bad dream.

  10. Nitrous55 says:

    7:05, that is what we get for voting these people in. These plans will go through because we won’t get anyone else to run.

  11. You’d think that after half a dozen elections that bring in similar councils, folks would understand that a lot of Davenport people like the direction the city has been going.

  12. anonymous says:

    The reason that the past 6 councils are simular is because the big money from D1 and a few landlords are manipulating the election results. Take them out of the mix, and things in this city would be far different.

  13. Times says:

    Don’tforgettheeffectoftheTimessmearsheet.The day Davenport improves is the day the Times goes bankrupt and a decent honest newspaper takes over. Until then dumbem down, Sam.

  14. cruisin2 says:

    Good points from everyone. The bottom line is whoever gets the most votes wins. It seems like in
    the last few elections that those backed with D-1
    monies get elected. Since I have no desire for the
    job I don’t know what the answer is. There has to be
    somebody out there who will run.

  15. nitrous55 says:

    I think QCI has the right idea. I also think the D-1 money and Times smears are complete “Barbara Striesand”. The mudslinging does not work.

  16. anonymous says:

    Ask Jenn if mudslinging and a smear campaign works.

  17. cruisin2 says:

    It usually doesn’t work this early, but it does work.

    She definitely got the short end of the stick. But the people get what the majority wants, the best that money can buy.

  18. nitrous55 says:

    Prove that it hurt her. Are you telling me that it swayed you or are you smarter than the average person? That crap from you guys and the other side did not sway me one way or the other. What does work is ideas that people agree with. One side has been doing that, the other side just offer insults.

  19. cruisin2 says:

    Since I volunteered to hand out her fliers I heard first hand that a lot of people liked what she had to say. The last minute mailings that weren’t on the up and up cost her that election. And no, I not saying it swayed me or that I’m smarter than anyone else, I just know what I saw.

  20. anonymous says:

    Nitrous: What insults are you talking about? I apologize for not being able to follow your thoughts sometimes, and I do make an honest attempt at seeing your side of every issue.

    On the Clunker topic, it would be an interesting fact to know how many cars the USA has that are in an operating condition. With the billion dollars paid for the first 250,000 cars, is this even making a small dent? Common sense tells me that it has to be far less than 1% being scrapped under the obama plan. If you have been watching closely on the news reports, it appears that most of them wouldn’t make it much longer anyway. Some look like it was a miracle that they could even jump start them to get them to the dealer and collect the 4500 dollar voucher.

  21. cruisin2 says:

    The newest numbers I could find are from 2006. That year the the DOT said there were 250,851,833 registered passenger vehicles in the United states. Makes the quarter million clunkers seem like a small number.

  22. anonymous says:

    Very interesting Cruiser. Thanks for finding that 06 figure.

  23. Nitrous55 says:

    Read past post from the local blogs. Alot are still up(and some are still going around but at a certain blogger). Cruisers, QCI’s, Snarky Chicks, SOLO. You could read insults going both ways. Both sides gave and I thought they were all stupid.

    I doubt that dumb letter sent out the weekend before had that much of an effect.

  24. thescoundrel says:

    Did you see the link QCExaminer posted over on her blog from the Washinton Examiner talking about Holder and his eugenic writings? Add that to the Ginsburg abortion statement and it really reeks of a progressive sellout to the eugenics faithful. I do not trust the government to have that much control over every individuals health care. Talk about a real invasion of privacy. That is the real direction of the Obama health care plans.

  25. cruisin2 says:

    I haven’t seen it. It would be interesting to see an non-biased poll about trust in government today. The population explosion is a problem but this just takes it a little too far.

  26. Nitrous55 says:

    Scoundrel, they know what’s better for us. We need them to take care of us.

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