Hope to rant

June 25, 2009

For a long time we have been hearing about hope. Our elected President ran his campaign on hope, and most of us hope for various things. The following mini-rants are my audacity to hope. They are based on my opinions of how I feel our country is doing and where we’re heading. As such I imagine some discussion will follow.

Some call our President Obamassiah while others call him the Obaminator. I fall somewhere in between. I believe he is a highly educated man with good intentions but no experience in dealing with issues of the magnitude he has had to cope with. I believe he is a legend in his own mind and because of that convinced others.

I hope our President doesn’t get us into a war with a nuclear capable country. Talking is not going to keep us out of conflict with North Korea, please don’t kill our children with your huge ego. Some countries will not become friends just because you let them know it is your wish.

I hope that when we get older we can afford health insurance to keep us healthy. The wife and I have pre-existing conditions and if some half-baked health care plan is passed we feel those in charge of the Obama Health Care system will tell us we aren’t valuable enough to society to merit the health care necessary to extend our lives. We do not wish for or intend to get involved with this costly excercise in futility.

I hope that as a member of a minority of citizens who enjoy older vehicles we are not legislated into oblivion. We car enthusiasts do more than just own an older vehicle. We support a vast aftermarket industry, give to numerous charities,support different religions, and contribute to our communities. We do not need nor do we want a clunker bill. We do not need nor do we want electric powered
mini-coffins for our daily commute.

My last hope today is that when the inflation hits we middle income Americans can withstand the hit. After all we are the ones who see our paychecks shrink and taxes grow. If you’re not scared, you should be. If you believe this deficit is going to end any time soon just look at the National Debt clock for a dose of reality. It is a realtime clock and it is running wild.
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The meeting II

June 24, 2009

As I predicted the meeting ran long last night. I saw this is a good thing because when we walked out after the meeting it was getting dark and had cooled down a lot. Most of the meeting was about the Davenport NOW and Davenport NEW which are two different programs. Mr. Roy Dewitt patiently talked on both programs and I almost got some of it. If I understood it correctly the Davenport NEW would be a group of city departments working as a one to help our neighborhoods. I actually like this plan as described.

Davenport NOW is the property tax rebate plan to draw people to Davenport. It is claimed this plan will not cost taxpayers any money. This plan has me a little leary because if it doesn’t work we can’t get out of it for 20 years.

The discussion on the sewer lateral problem was interesting, believe it or not. Several options were discussed but I favored Alderman Lynn’s original plan of just adding $2 or $3 to the quarterly sewer bill and having the city take care of sewer collapses. We’ve just had ours done and believe me this would be a deal.

Nitro repeated what was said at the news conference before the meeting. He is setting up a Junior Angels and Urban Angels chapter for the Davenport Guardian Angels. Junior Angels is for children 7-11 years old and the Urban Angels if for ages 12-16. The group is awaiting a package from New York before beginning these programs.

The local Guardian Angels are looking into placing a few members in the Cyber Angels. This is the world’s largest online safety group and a
different type of training. We will also be announcing a fundraiser of two in the near future.
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Craig Malin emailed me this morning that the Davenport NOW does a sunset of 3 years. At that time the City Council could stop it. At the
meeting I don’t remember the issue being discussed.

Short note

June 23, 2009

The heat is going to be brutal for at least a few days. Please be careful, even those in good heatlth can have problems if they push themselves too hard. We haven’t been able to find out where the cooling centers are but we do have the malls, the Senior Citizens Centers, or even hospitals for short term relief. We who have air-
conditioning could invite elderly and/or frail neighbors in for a bit to cool off.

On another note, I’ve mentioned the 5th Ward meeting this afternoon in an earlier post and covered what I thought Alderman Lynn would bring up. I felt it only fair to mention a few things the Guardian Angels want to address. Since the first of the year the Guardian Angels have assisted the police in the apprehension of 35 criminals;we have gotten 5 guns off the street, two of which were stolen; we won the startup
chapter of the year from the International Alliance of Guardian Angels with 80 groups in the running, and we will announce the formation of two new chapters in Davenport. So although the Davenport chapter has been recognized as the best startup chapter, we feel we can do better.
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The meeting

June 22, 2009

I promised a post on the upcoming 5th Ward meeting for those who don’t live in the ward or recieve the newsletter. The meeting is tomorrow at 6 pm at the Davenport Police Station in the Community room. It is located at 416 N. Harrison Street. The post is a day late and I’m a dollar short, but here goes.

I have a feeling this meeting will go long with all the information getting covered and it should be interesting. The Hilltop area has recieved a grant to help develop a campus village between the two colleges. We wouldn’t mind seeing more shops and student housing. Our Fire Department has been analyzed and came out with a better than the National average on response time. Talk now is to get
the Fire Department accreditation making us one of only 12 cities in the country to have all three city departments accredited.

The economy is also mentioned and we are assured the city is in good financial shape. A marketing committee has also been formed to tell other people of all the positive things that happen here in Davenport. It does make sense that if we don’t tell others what our city has to offer, they won’t know.

There is also talk of the Youth Advisory Committee which was recently formed with 16 young members to advise the City leaders on the concerns of our youth. A different approach to our educational woes is being explored and I hope this one works. City leaders are having discussions with the school district on how best to attract
people to Davenport. I hope it also lowers our dropout rate. Crime is mentioned and a new slant on tackling the problem is the Safety Committee, the Police and Fire departments having weekly meetings to address issues. Nuisance abatement is another issue that will be talked about and it sounds like progress is being made. It looks like the traffic cameras are here to stay no matter how we feel about them as individuals. The money made by the cameras goes to public safety so it does actually saves us a little money.

The handicapped parking signs problem will also be discussed and there will be a link to the policy on the Alderman’s website. Something interesting to us is the fact that the city is looking into ways to pay
for sewer lateral collapses for homeowners. One thing being discussed is adding $2 or $3 per quarter to our sewer bill and the city would pay for repairs. Ally repairs have long been an issue and the city is looking to options.

It is mentioned that the city has programs in place to assist people doing home improvements or buying homes. Call Bruce Berger at 326-7711 for more information.Along the same lines, the Lydia Home has mission work teams who do painting, yard work, and minor repairs. Call Joyce at 322-0382 for the information on that.

Lastly, as mentioned representatives of the Guardian Angels will attend the meeting and we have some good news to report. Roy Dewitt from the Community Planning and Economic Development Department will also be a guest. As I said earlier this is looking
to be an interesting meeting.
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My moustache

June 21, 2009

Earlier I promised a post on the Ward meeting today. It is coming but
it will tomorrow instead. I’ve been too swamped with other things to even sit down long enough to do that post.

Instead this post is about a phenomena I’ve recently noticed. People I
assume are well meaning have been telling me lately that I’d look younger if I shaved my moustache. Others mention I’d look younger with a haircut. The problem is my moustache and I have become good friends over a 40+ year span, and I AM getting older.

I honestly don’t see how shaving and getting a haircut will remove the wrinkles from my face, remove hair from my nose, or add hair to my temple. I am what I am, a 58 year old skinny man. As such I feel I’ve earned my grey moustache and receding hairline and wouldn’t change it if I could. I’ve earned it.

So tell me if you must but don’t look for any drastic changes. I also
think that if I could magically look younger people would expect more
out of me. I have too many irons in the fire now. So here’s the deal;
I know I’m skinny, I know I’m getting older, and I’m savoring every
moment alloted to me until I meet my maker.
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Weekend notes

June 20, 2009

We survived the storm, so I went to the Northpark cruise-in for a while tonight. For all the events going on in the area they had a good turnout.
We talked with Dale and Chuck (I hope I have the names right) for a bit and then I walked around to look at the cars. The area roped off for the cruise was bigger than I expected and it looks like the set-up is going to
work pretty good.

I recieved an email from a friend shortly before leaving for the cruise and thought I’d share it with you. If you’re running out of ideas on where to take Dad for Father’s Day this might work for you. Heres the email-

The 1st concert of 2009 at Schuetzen Park will be tomorrow, June 21 (Fathers Day). We have a wonderful event planned with a classical string “All German” program with music of Beethoven, Haydn, Strauss, Weill and many more. We also have some great homemade pie and fresh baked German pretzels being served in the Jens Lorenzen Pavillion. The concert is free and begins at 1:00. Bring a lawn chair or picnic blanket. There is seating for about 200 under the big tent. More info at 563-322-5489. Hope to see you at the Schuetzen Park, the playground of our forefathers.

I’ll have more information on the 5th Ward meeting in tomorrows post.
It looks like there is a lot of things going on so I’ll cover as many as I
can. I’ll take this time to wish all concerned a Happy Father’s Day. May we all get at least one thing we want.
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Running late

June 19, 2009

I’m a little behind because our computer was a victim of the storm. Our wireless router went into hiding during the worst of the storm yesterday and we just found it. These kinds of problems are aggravating to me because even though I’ve built a couple of computers I’m not real good at diagnosis. I couldn’t find an Excorcist on such short notice either, but now we’re back online.

Another weekend is here and it looks like the weather might cooperate. This is one of those weekends that has a lot of things for people to do. We have the Sturgis on the River, the Airshow, a Cruise-in, and various music venues all over. Its a great time of the year to live in the Midwest.

I’m only mentioning a couple of things going on and one of them isn’t
even this weekend. The first Northpark Cruise-in of the 2009 season will be Saturday on the south side of Sears. It starts at 6 pm, but we’ve been out there before at 5 and seen a ton of cars already there. This Cruise-in will be hosted by the River Valley Classics Car Club. There is a suggested $2 donation for admission and if you choose to pay it you get a ticket for the door prizes. That’s a deal.

The other event I’m going to mention is the 5th Ward meeting on Tuesday, June 23 that starts at 6pm. It will be held once again in the Community Room of the Davenport Police Station which is at 416 N. Harrison Street. I haven’t recieved my newsletter yet but I heard some representatives from the Guardian Angels will be there.

The Davenport chapter won the startup chapter of the year award last weekend in New York City. Our chapter was up against 80 other chapters for the award. There will also be an announcement made at this meeting about a new direction our chapter will be taking.
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