2009 Drug threat

The National Drug Intelligence Center recently released their “Midwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Drug Market Analysis 2009”. Seven states are included in this study; Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Illinois only has one county listed, Rock Island County. Iowa shows the counties of; Black Hawk, Linn, Marshall, Muscatine, Polk, Pottawattamie, Scott, and Woodbury.

Before everyone gets all exicited, all counties in Iowa and Illinois are listed as secondary, not primary, drug trafficking areas. Widespread methamphetamine distribution and abuse are the greatest threats to the Midwest HIDTA region and well-established Mexican traffickers are supplying sufficient quantities of ice methamphetamine to meet demand for the drug in most HIDTA cities.

Crack cocaine is also a threat. Mexican DTOs supply local African American street gangs with powder cocaine that they convert to crack in the area; these gangs control retail distribution of the crack that they manufacture. Additionally, African American street gangs based in Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; and Minneapolis, Minnesota, transport powder cocaine, crack cocaine, and other illicit drugs to Midwest HIDTA markets in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Of course it wouldn’t be a drug threat ananylis without the mention of marijuana. The most prevelent marijuana used is Mexican commercial-grade, but locally grown is available along with high-potencty Canadian. Most Canadian pot just goes through our area heading for other U.S. markets.

Heroin is mostly limited to around the St. Louis area where white powder and Mexican black tar are the main forms of the drug on the streets. There are various other drugs available and I’ll post a link at the end for those who wish to learn more.

Our fine city gets mentioned in one part of the report-
“Chicago-based African American street gangs such as Gangster Disciples, Black Peace Stone Nation, and Vice Lords operate in several HIDTA cities, including Cedar Rapids; Columbia, Missouri; Davenport, Iowa; Fargo; Omaha; Sioux City; Sioux Falls; and Springfield, Missouri; however, these gang members typically travel from Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, and other markets in order to distribute crack cocaine and then return home.”

So although it has slowed down, it looks like our area will still have a drug problem in 2009. In our defense, being next to so many interstate highways could be some of the reason we keep making the list. As mentioned above gangs from larger cities also have access to these highways to get them here and back. For the entire
report go here.

The quote about Chicago gangs coming here to deal their drugs might explain the shooting in the east end. This is getting old.
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4 Responses to 2009 Drug threat

  1. Nitrous55 says:

    It will stay that way until enough people get fed up. Right now, most people have their heads in the sand or will not get involved until it happens to their family/property.

    The GA’s and police can stroll in an area and for ten minutes, things are fine. After that, back to normal operations. The residents are the answer to clean up the town.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    How true. If United Neighbors gets the Citywide Crime Committee going again it would be a start. Even if we could get one person per neighborhood active it would make a huge impact.

  3. Nitrous55 says:

    We don’t need another group. You watch your property and your neighbor’s. Your neighbor does the same. Our “war zone” goes away.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    I still think we do need the group because a lot of neighborhoods don’t have one person that will watch out for others.

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