One more time

We are another day closer to voting on the Davenport Promise. I still can’t see why people think this is a good program. The proposal has so many red flags in it someone should call the National Guard.

I don’t like using tax monies meant for another purpose to fund it. If this really is the best thing since sliced bread; why aren’t private monies rolling in to fund it? And where are the funds going to come from to cover the 40% reduction for the original use?

Something else I don’t like that is mentioned often is a statement that the citizens of Davenport are getting older and poorer. As an older citizens of this burg who has been paying taxes for years I get offended. Excuse me for living! We are not poorer but we do pay taxes and spend our money here. Is the city going to pass a law that says nobody over 60 can live here unless they own a bank?

And to those who can’t figure out why our schools are losing students; can you say 75% graduation rate? I’ve noticed at some of the informational meetings that some have said these numbers are misleading. Well then; does that mean that the schools in surrounding areas also have a higher graduation rate than the study shows, or just us?

Adding public safety to the Promise appears to be nothing more than an attempt to make us who vote against it feel guilty. But, the mayor has been saying that the monies for public safety will go into a general fund. If it goes into the general fund, will any of it ever trickle down to public safety?

Those who back this program say the administration of the Promise will be funded with private donations. But our mayor went to Washington, DC, to beg for money for the administration of the Promise. And don’t forget kids, Ken Croken said that it would be four years before any adjustments could be made to the program.He felt it could be a learning curve, but at what cost?

Then we have statements that this program will bring families with children to our city. To quote a city leader “if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.” That same city leader is now claiming “if the Promise passes, taxes will go down”. I’ve been saying for some time, find out why people aren’t moving here and fix it. Don’t expect a program backed by flawed studies to improve a problem it wasn’t
intended to fix.

Lastly is something my Dad told me years ago when I wanted my first car. He told me that while he could afford to buy me a car, he wouldn’t. He told me that if I worked and bought it with my own money I’d appreciate more. At 15 I thought he just enjoyed ruining my life. Later I saw the wisdom of his words.

Tuesday we will go to vote and by Wednesday most of us will be talking about another subject. Regarless of what position you have on this issue, you should vote on Tuesday. If you don’t vote your position, you have no right to bitch later on. Please vote on Tuesday if you haven’t already.
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  1. anonymous says:

    Gluba was on the radio this afternoon claiming that if PROMISE is voted in that it will mean a property tax reduction for homeowner. I’d love to hear the details on how he plans to pull that dream off.

  2. Cruiser’s said it before. $1.3 million going towards public safety means $1.3 million in the general fund can be used for other things. That means they could lower property taxes. Its similar to how the stormwater fee allowed the city to use general fund money for other things, which is the reason taxes have been holding fairly steady. Despite opposing the stormwater fee, I’m sure Lynn appreciates the budget being in better shape now because of it.

  3. Anon. says:

    Weren’t we told that the Promise was an economic development program? The postcard I received today says absolutely nothing about economic development. In fact, it says it will “provide hope and financial assistance …for kids that live in Davenport, and graduate from high school. It’s really that simple”. To me, it’s convenient how the pro side never wants to discuss the facts. They revert to the “it’s for the children” argument. Never do they say that this will remove $6 million dollars per year from the capital improvement project fund. The city tells us that most of the large capital improvement projects are one time only, and have already been completed. They point out the new police station, the Fairmont library, etc. Has anyone been past the Central Fire Station lately? $6 million dollars per year for just a few years could build a new Central Fire Station. $6 million dollars for ten years could build our west-side sewer diversion tunnel. To say that the Promise will not “cost” taxpayers anything, is misleading, at best.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    I heard that also. Seemed like a bold statement if nobody comes.

    I could also be used toward the $1.5 million shortfall in the budget.

    I think it’s an economic development program when it’s convenient.

  5. anonymous says:

    It is a good thing someone will be watching the absentee ballots. 2000 requests sounds a little suspicious.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    That sounds awful high to me also. It will be interesting to see how many of those come back. As I said in an earlier post, Mr. Croken supposedly mailed one to all Genesis employee.

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