Battle of the Forums Christmas Showdown

This is a guest post from Brian Cox. He wanted to share with us the results of the Christmas giveaway.

American Muscle Presents “Battle Of The Forums Christmas Showdown”
– A movie created using random objects (Christmas Presents) sent
in by rival forum members for a contest held by American Muscle.
( )

Three weeks ago we
here at American Muscle held our first annual American Muscle Christmas Battle of the Forums Contest. The American Muscle Christmas Battle Of The Forums Contest was very unique and the first of its kind. We randomly picked six of the forums that we work with, and pit them in a contest to see who can come up with the most creative Christmas gift!

To enter, the respective
forums sent us the most outrageous, ridiculous, creative, or delicious
gift that they could think of. The forum with the most creative and
awkward items as gifts won a Prize Pack including numerous items from as well as other bonus items in the spirit of

After several days of filming, editing, and reviewing,
the American Muscle Forum Contest Movie is finally complete! This epic
movie utilized all of the gifts we received in some shape or fashion
which included:

Party Blaster, Grass Skirt, Pink Lady Costume, Cyclone
Water Gun, Hulk Smash Hands, Chandon Sparking Wine, Light Sabers, Rapid
Fire Gatling Water Gun, Hydro Blast Morpher Water Gun, Insult Button,
Ricer Piñata, GT500 Model, NASCAR Banner, Nerf Gun, Hair Dye, Makeup,
and an Old Cell Phone

Filming was all done on location at American Muscle
Headquarters, and involved nearly half of our 60+ employees! Outdoor
scenes were shot in brisk and windy 19 degree weather…which with some
of the costumes that were sent was quite “fun”!
So sit back and relax, a
nd enjoy The American Muscle Battle Of the Forums Movie!

Disclaimer: Stunts
were all performed by professionals. Please do not try anything shown in
this film at home! This movie is rated WTF, and while its contents really should not be viewed by anyone, parental guidance is suggested.

You can view the original thread over at AllFordMustangs here:

As well as the after thread, containing lots of funny comments here:

And the American Muscle Blog Post about the

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5 Responses to Battle of the Forums Christmas Showdown

  1. anonymous says:

    It would be interesting to know why the downtown review committee hasn`t been all over Bill Boom and his bar for the boarded up windows that are unpainted, and then they painted over one of the historic advertisement signs that was handpainted on the west side brick wall. He ruined part of Davenport history.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Isn’t his building outside the target area? I think he’d have to be a few blocks east to catch any flak.

  3. anonymous says:

    Depends on where QCI is drawing downtown boundries this week. Depending on which way he’s trying to spin things, sometimes downtown includes up to Marquette Street, or if it involves a shooting, he cuts off downtown at at Main.

  4. rueben says:

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  5. jarod says:

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