Legislative Alert rant

I want to start this post by appologizing to Brian from American Muscle. I will do your guest post tomorrow. The SEMA Action Network has issued a Legislative Alert conerning a Bill that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi wants to get passed before Obama is in office.

As part of the stimulus package, Mrs. Pelosi wants to add a nationwide scrappage program for older cars. Her idea is that it will give tax dollars to lower income people who turn in their older cars to be crushed and then buy new cars.

Has anybody checked this woman for a brain? How much money is she proposing we give these needy people? Poor people drive older cars because they can’t afford new cars. If you give them more than what their car is worth, they’ll just buy a nicer older car, not a new one. To see the alert, and get contact information on Ms Pelosi go to the newsletter.

We need to send a message to these people that we aren’t happy with all these costly ideas they keep churning out. They need to quit printing more money, stop spending so much money, and start acting like the leaders they think they are.

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3 Responses to Legislative Alert rant

  1. walnut says:

    You’re comment: “Has anyone checked this woman for a brain” pretty much sums up the last eight years of the Bush legacy.

  2. anonymous says:

    Keith Meyers: the next time you are up on Kimberly, check out the parking lot islands at HyVee. They cut down about a half dozen trees to the ground. Also the guys who own the gas station on Kimberly and Division trimmed the heck out of all their trees. Hope they survive such a severe hair cut.

  3. anonymous says:

    hey Walnut, don’t you realize Pelosi is thr DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY LEADER. Let me repeat……DEMOCRAT !

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