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Things have settled down a little bit now that Christmas is behind us.
We took a little cruise across the river Sunday and ended up at Wally World to get some more salt for the alley. We were a little surprised that they had one whole aisle full of Valentine’s Day goodies already.

Today we went to Skips visitation. His ’38 Buick had the spot of honor right outside the double doors. I still can’t grasp the reasoning behind visitation when someone has been cremated. I mean no disrespect as I guess it’s just a smaller box with the lid closed.

If the bailout doesn’t happen, would GM and Chrysler take Ford down with them? Even though Ford claims it has enough money to weather the hard times, it would have to be affected. And realistically, shouldn’t it be 2 of the Big 3 that don’t need help? It tells me that American car buyers still want a V8 powered, rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

It’s also rumored that if the automakers go under, unemployment nationwide could raise to 12%. We could only assume that if the plants shut down, there wouldn’t be anyone in the Detroit area that could hire all the laid-off workers.While I imagine it would cause a mass exodus out of Detroit, but could it really hurt the rest us that bad?

Then there are even more rumors about the vehicles themselves. Some say the Saturn isn’t going to be around much longer. Others say there will be no convertible Camaro or Challenger. Still others say the V8 is history, and government is still pushing E85 when they know it’s not an efficient fuel. Ethanol is neither a replacement fuel or a green fuel. As an industry it has turned into a money pit for taxpayers.

Of course the bailout would come at a cost for the auto industry. Congress would have them jumping though hoops, lowering pay, building micro-cars, and walking on eggshells. The problem there is, Congress doesn’t know anything about making cars and even less about saving money.

While we’re talking about Congress; they have told the automakers that the CEOs are making too much money and the companies would have to cut costs. At the same time they voted themselves a pay raise. Why shouldn’t the members of Congress work for $1 a year until this financial crisis they started is over? Wouldn’t that show that they are serious about cutting costs? If they did that and ended all the pork, perhaps we could believe some of what they say.

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  1. thescoundrel says:

    I was touring the aisles of Wally World on Monday looking for after Christmas bargains. And what to my wandering eyes there came but Wally World Stockers busy stocking shelves with Valentine candy. ROFLMAO!

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