What a day

When we left the house at 7:30 this morning there was a light rain. After we picked everyone up and got to the restaurant at around 8, it was raining pretty good. After we ate we went to Wally World around 10, and we got soaked. It felt more like a spring morning.

After catching all the rainfall in our basement, I pumped it out, twice. A short while ago I went out to start the car so the wife could go to work, and almost slid halfway down the alley on the ice. I spent a good 15 minutes just scraping the windows.

And later we’re supposed to get snow. I’m going to put some salt on the front walks and steps before I call it a day. If you have to go out tonight please be careful. It seems like driving might be a real handful later on. What a day!

Comments on just about anything are welcome.


6 Responses to What a day

  1. thescoundrel says:

    I hope your Christmas went well for your family. LOL @ the chili. I made a pot of chicken chili the week before Christmas and used it for lunch all week. (Not everyone was excited with my pre Christmas lunch plans.) Yeah the snow melting experience was good despite the ice pond effect on my yard and creating a wading pool in the basement . It was 12:30 am when the dogs decided they needed to patrol the yard. When I let them out it looked like I had already gained back about 1/4 inch of snow and ice – on portions of the sidewalk. It was still falling when they decided they wanted back inside. If it is winter in the QC snow is sure to fall.

  2. nitrous55 says:

    Don’t you have a sump pump set in the basement?

    Mine’s been going off all day and I also been listening to the ice slide off the roof.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Crhistmas went off without a hitch with both sides of the family. The chili was pretty good too after I added some hot sauce. The weather is goofy around here most times, but this bout took me by surprise, even though I was warned about it.

    My sump pump isn’t an automatic one. I have to go down and turn it on and off. Maybe an upgrade is order, but it still works.

  4. anonymous says:

    Davenport has now used up 40% of the road salt supply on hand, so they ordered more at a much more expensive price per ton. Those salt sheds don’t look like they would cost much to build, so maybe it would be prudent spending if Davenport built a new salt building so the salt could be purchased at the much lower barge delivered price.

  5. anonymous says:

    Fox showed a clip today of where they surprised Obamma on vacation, and he was wearing sweats and a hat turned backwards. He got a look on his face like the cat that swallowed the canary, and immediately as soon as he saw there was a tv camera, turned his baseball cap around in the proper direction.

    It doesn’t matter if he is on vacation. Once you are elected, you must look presidental out in public, and there is no reason to ever be dressed like one of the homeboy bangers.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    We don’t know what the answer would be. The weather is so fickle around here, If they ordered more salt and didn’t use it, people would complain about that.

    I saw that. He didn’t look very presidential to me.

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