Sometimes we wonder

How long does it take to get a sinkhole repaired in a Davenport city street? Noobody knows! We can say it’s at least 10 months. The barricade in the 700 block of West 14th has been up for all these months, the flooded parks have been fixed, a pedestrian bridge planned, but the sinkhole is still there. Some people don’t like Keith Meyer, but he’s been asking our City Leaders to do something about the sinkhole to no avail.

In his most recent request, he asked his former opponent Alderman Boom if something could be done about it. He was told Alderman Boom would get back to him with the schedule of the repair. Say what? Ten months of asking for a sinkhole repair with no action? In that time the City Council has managed to discourage most of the public from attending the Council meetings, and pretty much done away with the public comments. They’ve invested millions in parks and planned libraries, but they can’t fix a sinkhole? Are they planning decorative crosswalks in the area and planning to do both jobs at once?

The time for excuses is long past. Now on top of being worried about getting shot by a stray bullet going home, we also have to avoid a cross street so we don’t lose our car in a sink hole.
Let’s get it done before winter weather becomes another excuse for a delay.

That’s our thoughts on the subjects, comments are welcome.

7 Responses to Sometimes we wonder

  1. anonymous says:

    “….the City Council has managed to discourage most of the public from attending the Council meetings….”

    Huh ? Have I missed something?

  2. anonymous says:

    Thinking back a year or two ago when the final design plan came out for the Police Building, there was supposed to be a water feature of some sort to make a statement in front of the building. I remember Dee saying that it would be as impressive as the water fountain in Vandeveer Park, but the police station one wouldn’t really be a fountain, but something people would ooh and ahhh about. The council at the time discussed about the high cost, but finially oked the price tag. Where is it?

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Don’t know if missed anything or not, but when we talk with people who used to go to every meeting, that’s the response we get as to why they don’t go anymore.

    We don’t know about a fountain. It might even be there behind all the tall greenery.

  4. nitrous55 says:

    How about getting the right people voted in? D-1 and the evil rich people are not that big… even if you figure in all of us oatmeal eaters in the 5th ward.

  5. Davenport2 says:

    Keith was a great Alderman. I wish he would run again. If we all sent a letter to D-1 asking them to stay out of politics would that help? They will be spending so much money on advertisment to get people to vote for the promise program, maybe they wont have enough left to get Boom re elected.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    We tried. The majority have spoken and they don’t seem unhappy with where things are headed. We wish we had an answer for this, but we’re just 5th ward oatmeal eaters too.

    We don’t know if Keith Meyer is going to run next election or not. In the last election he basically didn’t even campaign and got quite a few votes. If we lived in the 3rd ward, we’d vote for him.

  7. nitrous55 says:

    You have to keep trying. Start getting candidates ready now. Set them up now and get them ready to have solutions or specific plans. And sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

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