Mini rant

Some researchers now want to inject sulphur compounds into the
atmosphere to ease global warming. Sounds like a plan to us. The
problem is new studies show that doing this would erase the ozone
layer and slow the recovery of the ozone hole over the Antartic
by as much as 70 years. Opposing sides on this issue say recovery
of the ozone hole over Antartica could worsen warming in that area.


 OK. Our lawmakers have been making laws so diesel engines spew less
sulphur into the atmosphere, while also being against coal-burning
power plants for electricty which also pollute with sulfur compounds.
This same bunch of people has caused our food, heating, gasoline,
diesel fuel, and other cost to rise. All the while saying they’re
going to have to raise our taxes because we don’t pay enough.

 And locally, we still wonder about our town. We want to spend millions
of dollars to improve our riverside parks, when they are both in a
flood zone. While we don’t flood every year, when we do get hit like
this year, where is the money to rebuild the half million dollar
outhouse, skatepark, and other amenities going to come from? We’ll give
you three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

 Another question would be; if the gambling boat has to move because of
the flood, will it come back? Do that many people really care? Since we
don’t gamble we don’t know.

 That’s our little end-of-the-weekend minirant. Ideas and comments are


4 Responses to Mini rant

  1. nitrous55 says:

    I’m of the mindset that the sun is the main cause of the warming. It cooled last year and sun flares were fewer or had a shorter duration. They are seeing the same thing so far this year.

    I don’t have with spending money at the riverside parks. I’d prefer that they build some flood protection so you can use it all the time.

  2. anonymous says:

    It is a little hard to understand Economic Development in Davenport. Taxpayers shell out a huge amount of dollars for this, but it seems like we don`t get much bang for the buck. Not only is there an office at City Hall that is fully staffed, but we dole cash out to Davenport One and the Quad City Economic Group. We have a industrial park in north Davenport which is almost empty. Cities all around us are on the news when they are bringing in big companies with good paying jobs. In the past few years even small cities such as DeWitt and Maquokata have done well. Then there was the great investment in Sterling/Rock Falls when Walmart built that huge distribution center that hired hundreds of people with good paying jobs, not to mention all the teamsters jobs for all the new semi drivers positions.

    A year or so ago, Davenport bonded out to have rail installed in the industrial park at the suggestion of Alderman Lynn. He claimed that would be the saving grace for that property that we couldn`t seem to find anyone to fill. It still sets vacant. Not only are taxpayers paying for the bonds for rail, but we are paying on bonds for the land purchase, and the cost of developing and preparing the site for tenants.

    Maybe we should stop funding the three arms of Davenport government involved in development. It appears that they arn`t making a difference anyway. Maybe we should lower the price or have a buy one industrial lot and get one industrial lot free sale. We need to get that gorilla off our back.

  3. D-6 says:

    Nestle pastor of Legacy Church ( St. Joseph’s) at 6th and Marquette is gone. The guy with the who tore out the church pews after buying the building. The school behind is in trouble and because money isn’t being delivered. The school was supposed to get the money.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    It could be a lot of things, but we’ve been warmer, or cooler at different times since they started recording such things. We just think someone’s buying into a Chicken Little deal.

    We’ve been told the City Council has told both groups to come up with actual facts and figures documenting what they do for the monies recieved. Time will tell.

    We hope it’s not a lot trouble for the school. We don’t need another vacant building SoLo. We’re also sorry to hear about the trouble you had yeasterday. We hope everything works out ok.

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