Auction weekend

Car and auction enthusiasts have more choices this year. On March 29,
the Daytona Classic Car Auction will be webcast live. And it will be in
high definition. We hope it’s a big success. A nod to Bill Towler for
sending us the information. If you want to check out the website, go to-

 Also this Saturday an aution to settle the estate of Alvin Siefers is
going to held starting at 10 am. Mr. Siefers was car guy and the auction
has some of his toys. There will be 3 Crosleys and a 26′ Model T Ford
along with parts tools and many other items. The sale will be held at
2200 East LeClaire Rd., Eldridge, Ia. Just look for the sign in front
that says Siefer Foundations. If you’re interested, or have any questions
you can call Jamie at 563-285-2150.

 That’s a couple car things going on, comments are welcome.

3 Responses to Auction weekend

  1. anonymous says:

    The ease at using the City of Davenport website sure hasn`t improved any. In trying to find the email addy of the alderman this morning, the common sense way to get there was clicking COUNCIL, then in that window clicking EMAIL US. Foolish me, I thought that would take you to a complete list of all the aldermen, but no, it goes to a general mailbox shared by who knows how many people. That would have been too easy to get it that way.

    After screwing with it a while longer, their email addy`s are available under their pictures.

    That new guy that they hired a year ago to straighten out this thing sure hasn`t made any progress. This is the most difficult website to navigate of any that I`ve ever tried.

  2. anonymous says:

    It is great to see on the QC Times webpage that Pachino Hill isn`t going to get off easily in the Rock Island court system. That judge in Scott County who sentenced him to attend chuch as a punishment should be removed from the bench.

    That church that he is attending is run by one of those wacko pastors that came before council at the request of Jamie Howard, and did the roast of Keith Meyer. That pastor reminds me of the pastor with all the wacko sermons from Obammas church in Chicago.

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