Thursday rant

There was an explosion in the Waukeegan Mall. The news coverage is ongoing, but
a gas pipe is suspected to be the cause.

A few things are sticking in my craw about this current City Council.
During a Meet and greet at Vandeveer park the then candidates all said
they were all for our parks. The ones who got elected went on and on
about amenities. Now all of a sudden the city wants a library at the
vacant Prarie Heights, and wants to do away with the zoo. We have
plenty of money for thousands of tons of extra salt, and overtime for
plow drivers. We have exta money for our pothole crisis, but we don’t
have $200,000 plus for a zoo.

It was mentioned by the Mayor that the animals at the zoo live in
deplorable conditions. Why not change the conditions? I’ll bet the cost
of the new sidewalk at Vandeveer park will cost more than it would to fix
the zoo. Let’s hope this City Council keeps some of their campaign
promises and listen to the citizens that elected them. Remember Mayor,
we heard you on the campaign trail saying our parks are our greatest
resource. The zoo is part of one of those parks.

Since the pothole crisis began we’ve noticed that someone is going to
have job security. We think the potholes are multiplying. We have a tip
for the city, fix it right the first time. Pouring hot asphalt into a
pothole filled with water is not the right way.

And lastly, we have a problem with house on Main Street that the Church
wants to tear down. We don’t think it very christian for the Pastor to
visit relatives the day of the funeral to try to buy the property. We
don’t think the church should condone lying. Yet they insist they had
no intention of tearing it down, they did. If parking is so precious at
this house of God, maybe they should look into building a parking ramp.

That’s our take on it, your comments are welcome.


8 Responses to Thursday rant

  1. anonymous says:

    21 Public Works employees filled 255 potholes. Thats about 12 potholes per worker on Wednesday. If they worked an 8 hour shift that means that they were averaging about 1 1/2 potholes per hour. They must be using a teaspoon to unload that mixture off the back of the truck. You are right Cruiser. Job Security.

  2. Cruiser, we agree on something! (the Main Street house vs church thing)

  3. George Nickolas says:

    The Fejervary Zoo is 103 years old. We had some problems with some animals that died, but that was because the city did not take care of problems that were on the plan to be corrected. Since that time, the Zoo has been running well. As for the mistreatment of the animals that is bunk. My wife is a member of the Humane Society of Scott County and would jump with both feet on any inhumane problems. We are members of the Niabi Zoological Society and she turned them in one time for the way that an animal was being treated.

    We do not need much money to keep the existing animal. The Fejervary Zoo Mountain lion exhibit is 200% better than the exhibit at Niabi Zoo. Talk about not having animals in natural surroundings. Just go see the Bear exhibit at Niabi and he is in an enclosure like Fejervary had for bears back in the 1930’s. We have come a long way since then.

    The cost of operating the zoo could be held down with proper park management. We have had offeres of volunteer labor to do a lot of the work, but the Park management has not seen fit to take advantage of that volunteer services.

    The Zoological Society has been held back in its efforts. We suspecion that it is the City Administrator who desires to have the zoo closed and is having the Parks Director take the spear so to speak. He now has another stooge sitting in the Mayors desk.

  4. anonymous says:

    The pothole problem doesn`t appear to be getting any better. Dee really does need to hire an outside firm to help get caught up. Earlier in the week the guys on the Pro-Patcher were filling holes on Harrison, and this morning those holes were back because they were dumping the hot mix right into water.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    lol, I hope it didn’t hurt.

    George Nickalos,
    Thanks for he nod. We can’t figure out why the current City Council is so gung-ho to get rid of this zoo. For a lot less than the Figge gets subsidized it could get everything it needs and then some.

    both anonymous,
    Potholes will be with us. Between not doing the patches right, and letting the roads get into such bad shape before doing anything it can only get worse.

  6. Veteran1951 says:

    Before the last Zoo director we had Debbie Wallace. Kids liked her because she had interesting hat. She was always called over to the Putnam to put on a program. She got the Red Fox donated to the Zoo. She did a great job with little or no city help. In fact, they took away a John Deere Gator that she hauled food around in and she had to carry in buckets food from the preparation building up to the Mountain Lions.

    Debbie has indicated that for a few thousand (not tens of thousands of dollars) the zoo could be made safe. It is terrible that they let her go. She had a great staff, but they over worked her.

    It was John Caffery’s great pitch in 1994, supported by George Nickolas that caused the formation of the Fejervary Zoological Society. Mr. Boyd, I believe that is his name, was the Parks Director at that time, and he was joined by the Director of the Putnam to promote the re-building of the Zoo.

    We need to get people calling their Aldermen to save the mountain lions, red fox, yellow tailed hawk, the white deer, the elk, and the other animals that the director of Niabi so eagerly wants to help dispose of.

    Niabi is to far away for the poor people to expend gasoline driving all the way over to Coal Valley. Besides we are so concerned about Green House Gases and a lot will be given off by inter-city Davenporters if they could afford the long drive and the high cost admission of Niabi. Besides the Fejervary Zoo is a good fit with the Putnam Museum on Museum Hill!

  7. Veteran1951 says:

    The city is willing to spend money on a railroad project (see QCT today) that the railroad out to be paying for, but seems to be unwilling to pay for some repair work at a zoo that is for the children of our community. Monroe School children validate their desire to keep the zoo and make some improvements. We ought to listen to them.

  8. cruiser says:

    We agree. The zoo would cost the least of any of the mentioned projects. We just can’t figure out why our Mayor seems dead set against this. We can only hope common sense prevails.

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