Gangs of the Quad Cities

According to Jerome Green, a gang specialist at Family Resources in Davenport, there are a lot more gangs in town than there were a decade ago. Mr. Green has a list of over 200 gangs operating today in the Quad Cities. Some are offshoots of established gangs like the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords, others are new, especially Latino gangs.

 Gang members are wising up and not being as in-your-face as they were in the past. This doesn’t mean they’re not a problem, it means they’re laying low and going under the radar. They are selling drugs, flashing their bling; and if like the rest of the country, drawing more kids from the suburbs. If you want to read his assesment, go to this link- and scroll down to find it.

 We also find it a little scary that Davenport is listed on another site as a city that has the Sur 13 (Surenos) gang present. While taken from a prison website, the information should be eye opening to some non-believers in the problem. Some Sur 13 members are known to be foot soldiers for the Mexican Mafia. Most members are of Latin decent, but they will accept members from other ethnic backgrounds.

 They are rivals of many gangs including Gangster Disciples, KAL, Lomas 13, MS-13, Nortenos, Vice Lords and others in various parts of the country. They are also rivals of MLK, short for Mobbing Like Krazy and Makin’ Life Krazy. Since the 1990s’ they changed to Maniacs Loosing Kontrol. While Davenport wasn’t mentioned in this section, the grafitti is here. If you want to read more about this, or other gangs listed, go to-

 From the April 1994 edition of Illinois Issues, State Representitive Joel Brunsvold stated there were 2,200 gang members in the Quad Cities at that time. This report mentions shootings, and other events that were a problem then. It also mentions that the violence was isolated and garnered little concern from citizens unless the gangs involved schools. To look at the whole article go to-

 We may do more posts on the gangs,  if you have webTV and the links don’t work, let us know and we’ll put up text versions. This problem is aggravating to some of us, because if people don’t see it their neighborhoods, they don’t consider it a problem. To us, drugs into our city is a problem, kids getting shot is a problem, and having gangs in our city is definitely a problem.    


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