Some figures again

We found some figures on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports we thought we’d discuss. Going back to 1985 we had a larger population at 101,220. We also had fewer crimes. In 1985 we had 1,045.2 violent crimes, 5.9 murders, 18.1 forcible rapes, 197.6 robberies, and 793.3 aggravated assaults per 100,000 population.

 In 1995 we had a population of 97,410. We had 1,817.1 violent crimes, 8.2 murders, 57.5 forcible rapes, 386 robberies, and 1,365.4 aggravated assaults.

 In 2005 we had a population of 98,751. We had 1,345.8 violent crimes, 7,1 murders, 56.7 forcible rapes, 275.4 robberies, and 1,006.6 aggravated assaults.

 So we have around 2,500 less people living here, with a higher crime rate. Some will say the rate is down from 1995, and that’s true. Also true is the fact that we have 300 more violent crimes commited than in 1985, about 2 murders, almost 40 more rapes, less robberies, and over 200 more aggravated assaults in 2,005.

 Population is up around 1,000 from 1995, but still down from 1985. What happened that we accept more crime as ‘normal’?  We don’t blame the police, they’re busier than ever. Did we lower our expectations? Some say crime is high all over, so it should be higher here also. We don’t buy it. What’s wrond with having zero tolerance on crime? What’s wrong with our city having a reputation of being hard on criminals, and a very safe place to live?  Why can’t we just say we’re not going to take it anymore?

 All that being said, these are 2,005 figures. Las years figures are lower, but our population hasn’t grown all that much. Could it be that those who follow the develop it and they will come have been wrong? After years of hearing how it’s supposed to work, we still don’t have the population we had 22 years ago.  That’s the FBI’s figures, and our thoughts on it, we’d like to hear yours.

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2 Responses to Some figures again

  1. Annon says:

    The numbers only tell part of the story. There is a lot of crime that goes unreported. People say, “What’s the use, the police aren’t going to do anything about it”.

    With all the drive by shootings and reports of gunfire around town it’s a wonder the murder rate isn’t higher. I guess these lowlifes are just lousily shots. If they are going to use a handgun they should at least learn how to use it properly. Handguns weren’t designed to be used holding them sideways. The sights were put on the guns for a reason, duh!

    Davenport needs an indoor, year round, gun range so these jerk-offs can practice. Then and only then can we lower the thug rate in town? That’s my slightly different view of the situation.

  2. nitrous55 says:

    There is Shooting Sport over in Moline, but I doubt that they would want to pay the range fee. Besides, as a SO-LO resident, I’d rather be the better shot if I have a showdown with one of these clowns.

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