Taylor school argument

 A while back (2006) the City Council passed a zoning change for the Taylor school property. It was based on 5 conditions. Here are the five conditions that were part of the Council’s approval for the rezoning to R-5M for Taylor School:

1. that the use be limited to elderly housing;
2. that paving for parking be kept to the minimum needed;
3. that any building mounted or free standing signage be approved by the City of Davenport’s Historic Preservation Commission;
4. that any additional exterior lighting (if any) be limited to downcast luminaries and be directed away from residential properties with the exception that lighting to spotlight architectural and/or landscape features may be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission;
5. that a site plan (including a landscape plan) complying with Chapter 17.56 of the Davenport Municipal Code be submitted to city staff for review and approval.

 Now that a new entity has stepped up to develop this property, that zoning no longer applies. Just a number of around 4 people per acre in residence, but a difference. It is zoned for 35.9 per acre as opposed to the proposed 40. While Mr. Malin is the City Administrator, we can’t understand his refusal to include these in the negotiations with the new owner. He seems to feel he knows what’s better for this SoLo area than the Alderman and the Taylor Heights Neighborhood Assn. We beg to differ Mr. Malin.

 You have once again put the cart before the horse, kept Council members in the dark, disregarded the wishes of some members of said Council, and ignored the citizens of our city. We neither work for you, are here to tolerate your whims, nor care for your management style. This is far from a done deal, but we hope cool heads prevail.

 We have heard, and don’t doubt, the Mr. Malin is an intelligent person. But we also know there is more than one kind of intelligence. While Mr. Malin is book smart, we feel he is very lacking in street smarts. Those of us who choose to live SoLo know volumns more about our area than even Mr. Malin claims to know. Somethings you can’t research online. Please don’t have the audacity to come to our area and tell us what we need.

 With the dawn of the election on us we can only hope more people who think like Alderman Meyer get elected. We believe he’s the one who got the wheels in motion on this oversite. We tire of giving developers everything but the kitchen sink to build, with no consequences for bad behavior. If Alderman Meyer hadn’t raised some eyebrows this would have sailed through the Council. We have to ask; is he really an againster for wanting to protect the city? The negative press is out there for a reason, Malin and company don’t want him to get back in. Follow the facts, get informed, then vote. If you think these 5 conditions are out of line, we’d like to hear how.

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  1. anonymous says:

    When those original talks were going on, wasn`t one of the requirements that part of the property be maintained as a little pocket park with swings ect for the neighborhood to use?

  2. anonymous says:

    I saw one of Keith`s yard signs today. Looked great and very well done. I miss the ones from 2 years ago that were hand drawn. It added that personal touch to them.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    anon @ 6:40
    Who can remember everything that was talked over in last go round. It’s entirely possible that such a condition was in there though. It seems the city wants to buy part of property and lease it back to the developer. While this doesn’t make sense to us either we’re sure there’s a reason.

    anon @ 7:13,
    We’ve also seen one of his signs on Marquette. We don’t believe Alderman Meyer spends much on his campaigns. As busy as he is we imagine he also doesn’t have a lot of time to roundup donations either. Last we heard he’d spent about $2.60 on this campaign.

  4. anon. says:

    The Quad City Times makes candidate endorsements. Davenport One does too (although they say they don’t). You seem to have your finger on the issues of Davenport. Would you consider endorsing candidates for all of the offices? It would be interesting to read your perspective on the candidates. If there were certain races you had no opinion on, just say so. We will give you ours.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    Normally I don’t endorse candidates for the same reason I don’t recomend roofers. If anything goes sour, it’s my fault. I may however do a list of who we would like to see get in, then who could compare notes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    As I understand it the taylor property is currently deeded to Wells Fargo bank, and they are obviously looking for developers or individuals to buy it. I believe they had been approached by some wanting to buy the building for demolition, but they were fully aware this is not in the best interest of anyone including the neighborhood. If you look at the website for the gandolf group website and do some online research this group seems to be responsible for many successful and beautiful projects throughout the midwest. There are some of us that were involved with this most recent change in scope of the project that did speak with neighborhood representatives, I agree that 40 units is pushing the envelope but this group knows what they are doing and had to create a financially feasible project. This is likely the best possibility for maintaining the project with a demonstrated investor rather than demolition and the possibility of an infill project on the land that would not have fit within the neighborhood. Realize the bank would not have sat on the property for long they would have found a buyer, this is a private bank selling to whoever they can get top dollar from and in that scenario the neighborhood has little if any say. I feel strongly that this development is the best possibility from among the many scenarios we could have been looking at.

  7. anonymous says:

    2 things for Alderman Meyer. 1. Did Malin get you a memo yet explaining the float percentage for the bonding of the Police Station? He promised it to you by last Tuesday.
    2. How far off the ground is the new skywalk between the police station and the court house? If it`s not 14 feet, it could become the next truck eating bridge.
    Thank You.

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