Bring back the flag recital

 I was going to take a couple days off from posting, until I ran into the story outined below. As a veteran, and someone who has heard this ceremony performed, this news upset me to the point I had to say something.

 From Riverside, California comes news today that the National Cemetary Administration has banned the recital of the signifcance of the 13 folds of the flag at a Military funeral. All this because of one complaint that the 11th fold celebrates Jewish war veterans. The QC Times take is here.

 While it’s sad that many people haven’t heard this ceremony, it is a beautiful part of a Military funeral. If you have ever heard the recital at such an event, We’ll guarantee you wouldn’t soon forget it. The recital itself is here.

 Red Skelton was well known for this comedy, but he was also very patriotic. When we hear about decisions such as this we always re-read his recollection of what he heard as a schoolboy.
Though dated by today’s standards, it is worth reading. For his remembrance of what the Pledge of Alliegence means go here.

 As an American this decision is just wrong. As a veteran, this decision is wrong. As someone who loves their country, and their flag, this is wrong. We can only hope this group sees the error of their ways and returns this ceremony to it’s proper place in the honoring of our war dead.

 I failed to mention the website I got some of this information on. If you want to more about our flag, the POW/MIA flag, the colors of the flag, or links to contact government officials to lodge a complaint about the National Cemetary Administration in Washington, D.C., here is a link to the website-


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