2 losses

 By now everyone knows Charlie Brooke died. Since I didn’t know him, I’ll leave it at that. I just found out we did lose a good friend in Vivian Robinson. Years ago when I first got my contractors license, she was the first person to answer my newspaper ad. After that first job we did various jobs on her houses for 20 years. She was a special lady, a good friend, and a cruise companion for our family. Although she will be missed, she can at last reunite with her husband and son. To Jackie and the rest the family, our heartfelt condolences. You have our number if you need anything.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Cruiser-since you know so much about the Guardian Angels, I’m wondering if you know about their plan to move into the crack house at 318 Myrtle. David Smith the owner of the house claimed at a nuisance abatement hearing this afternoon that the City should allow him to keep this house open because the GA are going to move their people in and will be training people from all over the state here in Davenport. I know Smith has a history of lying about a lot of things and running the worst drug and prostitution house in the neighborhood. There were three people at the same hearing who testified as to how he has stolen money from others and harbored drug dealers in this same property. The businesses in the neighborhood are happy to see it boarded up and hope that the City will do what the Housing Code Board of Appeals should have done last May-revoke the rental license of Smith. The Board of Appeals bought his lies then-one member even said that she thought it was a “crappy neighborhood” and that it would be hard to find decent people to rent to there. Fortunately, this time the case was heard by the City Clerk as a nuisance-81 police calls to the address since the end of July and October 1. I understand that he also has a house that is tagged and waiting hearing at 9th and Gaines.

  2. anonymous says:

    For years vivian robinson would go around picking up trash every morning on Leclaire and Iowa Streets. I just asked one of the people that live down there if they had seen her, and they said not for awhile. Maybe she became too old or too ill to pick up anymore. She made that area much nicer for everyone.

  3. anonymous says:

    For years vivian robinson would go around picking up trash every morning on Leclaire and Iowa Streets. I just asked one of the people that live down there if they had seen her, and they said not for awhile. Maybe she became too old or too ill to pick up anymore. She made that area much nicer for everyone.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    The local Guardian Angels already have a headquarters and training facility. To the best of my knowledge the GA’s have no intention of doing anything in that building. The local GA’s do train other cities, but go there to train the interested people.
    Vivian was never the same after her older son died. She had lived at Good Samaritan for around 5 years. She was 86. We will miss her.

  5. anonymous says:

    Alderman Meyer: Did Alan Guard respond to your email concerning the bonds on the Police Station?

  6. keith says:

    below was alan’s answer. still waiting to hear from malin. keith.

    Also I went down to the police station, a week ago friday, to say I was going out of town to see my bother and asked that action be taken on 314 Myrtle before I got back in town. I also left some gingersnap cookies. The place is now boarded up.

    This question was raised by Alderman Hamerlink at the last council meeting. I have
    provided a response to City Administrator Malin who will distribute it to the council
    members. – Alan

  7. Shelley says:

    Hey Keith-its 318 Myrtle and it was on its way to process well before you asked. You actually appeared to support the slumlord at the meeting in May when it should have been closed and you fought the change in hearing officers for nuisance abatements. The neighbors are well aware of your “help”.

  8. keith says:

    Shellely is just angry because her job with John Lewis went down the tubes. So she has to spread her usual barstool lies.

  9. Shelley says:

    For the record-I haven’t worked for JLCS for more than two years and when I did it was to work with the business district for a few months. Prior to that I hadn’t worked there since 1997. I have been volunteering for the West Central Davenport Business District in an effort to address the needs identified by the businesses in the survey that I did with 28 business back in fall of 2004 and January of 2005. I know that by merely being associated with JLCS that makes me evil in Keith’s eyes-and probably many others. Frankly, I don’t care. The facts are that there are very few business owners in that commercial corridor who even know Keith other than his rantings in the paper or on public access TV. Oh, by the way Keith-heard about the new manufacturing jobs coming to the neighborhood? I didn’t think so. Angry-barstools-now Keith, who’s calling the kettle black here? ?

  10. cruisin2 says:

    We realize that for whatever reason you have an axe to grind with Alderman Meyer. By your own admission your data is over 2 years old. Since that time the Alderman got into office again, so he must be doing something right. Just for curiosity’s sake; why don’t you run for the 3rd Ward seat?

  11. Been There says:

    I have to side with Shelley. Keith has been quite mixed up in his ways for a while.

    Why did you vote to disband the NEO when these very folks are the same that enforce codes and shut down these nuisance properties. Without them, Smith and the rest of the slumlords will keep getting their way and your ward will falter. I am very confused that you, of all people, jumped on board with Lynn, Ambrose, Hamerlinck, Van Fossen, and Barnhill. Please explain so that I can sleep at night.

  12. Bard says:

    To address Shelley’s Original question. No the Guardian Angels will not be moving into the apartment on Myrtle Street. The space was offered to us in hopes that our presence would help in cleaning up the area, however, that is simply not how the Guardian Angels work. The Guardian Angels patrol streets in the interest of public safety. We don’t attempt to replace private security services, nor do we attempt to do the jobs of landlords or police.

  13. cruisin2 says:

    Been There,
    It seems that no matter what he does Alderman Meyer can’t win. He couldn’t have broken a tie voting against it, and if he voted against it he would be branded an againster.

    Thannks for clearing that up. For those that don’t know, Bard is the Assistant Chapter Leader for the local Guardian Angels so if he says it, that’s good enough for me.

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