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 Alderman Meyer has started his campaign, sending D1 the information to get on their website. He also has a blog that is going to officially open on Monday. There are some
interesting posts already there, but some of the links don’t work yet. I found the Adler post interesting. If  this remodel really did cost us $1.3 million a running  foot; did we get our moneys worth? You can look over his
blog at-

 We have the information from one of the links that don’t work and find it telling in many ways. It points to the  real reason Mary Thee was treated the way she was. It also
did nothing to change my mind on the then Mayor, Charlie Brooke. After being advised by Thee not to put the contract renewal up for vote without changes that could save us taxpayers many thousands of dollars, he and others ignored her. Even though we couldn’t find minutes of the meeting from December of 2,002, we all know it did pass.

 Thee found at least 17 problems with the paper. Some of  which were termination severance language, voluntary resignation language, the fact that with the original paper the City Administrator could only be terminated by a felony conviction, no set amount  on severance pay, no cap on salary, money for a car, sick days, and reimbursable cost 3 times the first agreement. But it passed, and Alderman Meyer was ‘an againster’ for asking questions that could have saved us thousands of dollars.

 So it would appear the reason Malin hasn’t been fired is because they can’t. So Alderman Meyer is challenged at every turn, Thee now works for the County, lawsuits against the City and its personnel abound, and Malin knows he can’t be fired. To our knowledge he hasn’t been convicted of a felony.

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  1. anonymous says:

    The third ward needs Keith re-elected, as we know that Boom will be in favor of more liquor licences for taverns and quick marts. Keith has held the line on spending downtown, and we know how Boom will vote, as he has an interest in spending money foolishly, as he owns that bar down in the Rainbow District. That should be considered a conflict of interest.

  2. anon says:

    You’re saynig it should be a conflict to own a business in the ward you are running for? I think people who own businesses in this City should be more qualified to represent the wards. I do however support Keith, but I think the statement was too much.

  3. anonymous says:

    Keith Meyer has a wonderful sense of humor, and it was shown this week again at council. He got a zinger in on Jamie Howard because she wanted to speak after a motion to table was made, and Keith made a joke of it that made all the other councilmen chuckle, plus the audience laugh. Thanks Keith for keeping us smiling.

  4. anonymous says:

    We could probably cut our police force in half if we got rid of all the bars and carry out liquor stores. They are a magnet for trouble. Seems like when people drink, there is trouble. Get rid of the Vinyard and JLCS Cafe and Homeless Hilton and reduce the force even more.

  5. anonymous says:


  6. joe says:

    $1.3 Million per foot? I didn’t know renovations were thought in the same way you by fabric.
    Anyone who took the tour just over a year ago would know it was more than just twelve feet of stage space. Where is the ‘world class entertainment’ that they promised us? Seems like we are getting the same mediocre second run acts that we got before. Maybe the Mark should start booking the Adler.

  7. anonymous says:

    Joel Lee Weber should be invited as the speaker for Charlies grave side service. Charlie always looked forward to Mr. Weber standing before council to tell the hazzards of water floridation, so it is only a proper thing to have Joel say a few words at the service about floride. It is the way Charlie would have wanted it.

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